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  1. patricia pounds

    Hey can you talk about the south campos poker run on Saturday 4-4 at 8am. I will write a bit about it but there is some flyers also on line at the south campos site….I am not computer smart……THANKS…..

    South Campos Annual Poker Run Saturday 4-4-15. Community Center km35.5 Entry fee is $25.00 which includes t-shirt…6 drink/food tickets/poker hand. Also will be selling 50/50 tickets. We have 3 FUN checkpoints. Make sure to bring your camera. Finish line event will have music and food at the end back at the community center. Run is 22 miles. Open at 8am….take off at 9:30am…..LOTS of fun in the SUN…..

    • Kat

      Claro que si! Send it to me via

    • Kat

      Patricia – I’ll do it for tomorrow’s column, unless I get a story from Bruce Barber, then I’ll write it up for Thursday!!

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