5 October 2010 – Tuesday.


October 5, 2010The Korner4 Comments

It’s a little “brisk” out this morning, but it’s 6:53 a.m. and I went out to get the garbage out when I heard the dogs freaking out.  By the time I gathered all the small bags into the big one, the truck had left, so I’ll have to wait until Thursday.  On my street, you can tell when the garbage has been picked up just by the mess around the garbage cans.  This Boxer puppy kept coming up to the gate and with all 7 dogs barking at him, he was wagging his tail at me.  I think he lives across the street, but he’s cute and speaking of cute.  Yesterday, my friend took one of the pups in for her shots and asked Magdalena if I could bring the four remaining pups up to her clinic to give away.  I was elated and sad a little bit because those little pups didn’t want to go.  When I arrived with one pup in my arms, Magdalena was at home and the girl at the desk called her.  Unfortunately, she was not able to keep the four (her husband said “no”) which I completely understand.  Times are slow and feeding and housing four pups isn’t cheap nor easy.  At any rate, there was a woman in the clinic who loved my “Chubs”, the little tawny and white one, and she took that pup home with her.  So, I decided to just drive around and ask people if they wanted a puppy and I gave away the rest of them.  I did tell them all about the monthly clinic in the city park where they could have their vaccines done and now I only have the two foster dogs that must be spayed or I can’t keep those two either.  They can still get out of the yard some how and I’m not having any more puppies or dogs, period.  I’ve done my civic duty over the years and fed many, many dogs, but times are lean now and feeding seven dogs is hard enough.  I sound like a whiner.

The weather is a bit cooler today and I think we can safely say Fall has arrived.  There doesn’t appear to be any humidity to speak of today, so I think the “hot and humid” part of the year is about over with.  The 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic is going to be held on October 22-23, 2010 and it will benefit the San Felipe Educational Scholarship Foundation.  This year, you can read about the tournament package here. And, if you haven’t already seen the video we made which shows the golf course and where you’ll be playing, please click here.  If you have any questions, you can contact Sherry at the Pro Shop at Las Caras de Mexico Golf Resort.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bill and Shawnee Bowden, who have gone out of their way the entire seven or eight months they have lived here to help in most all causes for the community.  They are giving and generous of their time and a very caring couple, so hats off to Bill and NBF for helping improve our community.  They are also taking a long trip down the Baja, so we’ll be hearing from them while they’re gone – at least we better.

Juanito’s Cantina has a new Karaoke King as Maria has retired.  He will be your Karaoke host on Wednesday evenings and on Thursday evenings, it’s Country Night.  So, take a trip out to Juanito’s and try Karaoke with the new Karaoke King of Juanitos.  This is from Cesar: “Hello Kat as promised here are the calendars for Juanitos keep in mind and this is very last minute Tavo is going to be playing at Juanitos on Saturday night as well as Thursday night. Pavilion will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm and the kitchen closes at 2pm.  La Palapa keeps its regular schedule from 8am to 5pm Monday through Sunday. It was nice seeing you down at Juanitos on Saturday.  I hope you can come down more often. Abrazos y besos.”  We are posting the calendar on our Events page on Kat’s Korner and San Felipe.com.mx.

I have to wade through the tons of email I didn’t answer last night.  If I have more scoop for you, I’ll let you know.  Have a great San Felipe day!

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  1. tom

    Our moon is too bright and any white walls are marked up with graffiti – just kidding. Get on it, Karen – a good project for you

  2. karen

    Reading Mr. Ragtime today about Movie Theatre that was here at one time. How about the outdoor movies??? When it is not so hot. Just a thought.

  3. RastaGypsy

    glad those li’l cuties found homes!! yea, San Felipe!!

    abrazos y besos a todos!! (como is mi espanol, Chica — mejor espero? 🙂

  4. Sybil Stanton

    Darn good looking pups! Good job foster mom!

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