14 October 2010 – Thursday.


October 13, 2010The Korner8 Comments

Very good news for local artists Natasha James who just won “Producer’s Choice: Country Songwriter of the Year” For The 2010 (20th Annual) Los Angeles Music Awards; James Wins For Second Year In A Row

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) – Natasha James, a Northern California-based guitarist-singer-songwriter who seamlessly blends Americana, Blues, Country and Rock into her music, has won “Producer’s Choice: Country Songwriter of the Year” for the 2010 (20th Annual) Los Angeles Music Awards, it was announced by LAMA Executive Producer, Al Bowman.

This marks the second consecutive year James has taken home a win at the longest-running independent music awards show of its kind; last year she captured “Country Album of the Year” honors for her critically-acclaimed CD TEQUILA TIME (Highway One Records).   James will be awarded her “Producer’s Choice: Country Songwriter of the Year” Plaque at the Los Angeles Music Awards’ Main Event, happening Thursday, November 18 at Paramount Studios on the storied Paramount Theater Lot in Hollywood, Calif. Natasha will walk the Red Carpet along with film and music luminaries (and fellow Plaque recipients) that include renowned musicians Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw; actress Sally Kirkland; famed music producer Eddie Kramer; and many others. TEQUILA TIME was touted by respected international publication MUSIC CONNECTION as “country steeped in blues and Tex-Mex.”  James’ remarkable radio success continues as both her TEQUILA TIME and BAD JUDGEMENTS albums are currently being played on the air in Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy and more.  Within two hours of TEQUILA TIME being uploaded, over 400 radio downloads of her songs had occurred! MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE  called  “If You Think This Is Love” a “downright Bonnie Raitt blues-y performance…one of (James’) best. The song is “a twangy hip shaker guaranteed to grab you by your feet and throw you in a dancing mood.”

Natasha told me she and Denny Flannigan are working on a “tune” together and here’s a photo sent by Denny at Natasha’s house here in San Felipe.  Congratulations to my buddy Natasha.  I am so proud of you!!  Photo by Ronnie Rivera.

Good morning San Felipe and surrounding areas.  For those of you living in the hood, it’s garbage pick up day.  I hope you enjoyed MrRagtime’s column yesterday.  The weather here in Newton has been very nice although, it’s a bit chilly right now and I have a sweater on.  The shrimp festival planning is coming around quite well and if all goes well, we’ll have a great festival.  For those of you who read this before it was ready to be posted, like MrRagtime, I thought I was putting it in drafts but it published it.  Bummer.  So, Carole Kingaby’s “One of a Kind Fashion” is opening again October 18.  Javier Batiz will be in town on the 16th and Name that Tune with Denny Flannigan starts tonight.  Teams form at 7 but get their early for a good seat.  The Cancer Luminary walk is also coming up very soon and you can look on our Events page for those dates.  I apologize for the short posting, but my internet connection keeps going down.  I just heard via Sandra Flannigan, the Caliente Sports Bar has closed its doors.  Rumors have been circulating for about a year that if they didn’t start to draw more people, they would close.  That’s another San Felipe institution closed down.  Mean while, keep buying all your food in the United States and frequent the same bars and restaurants as you do each week, and it’s only a matter of time before downtown San Felipe will be no more.  This is the time when we should all be working together.  Take a ride one morning up and down curios street and the Malécon and see how many shops have closed and the lack of tourists.  If you call San Felipe your home, don’t you think you have some duty to help support it?  Maybe not, if if that’s the case, that’s alright.  It’s simply my opinion.  I’m off the soap box and but I’m not posting any photos today.  I’m having a wonderful vacation and although Luis did not open the shop today, he will tomorrow.  Please write if you have any advertising questions and I’d be glad to help you. More tomorrow after, for sure.  Have a stellar day.

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  1. tom

    I like the new off-white backgound

  2. tom

    Rick: Can you expand on your “airport” reference?

    • Kat

      I believe he is talking about the promised commercial airline we’ve all been waiting for.

      • tom

        I already have a “Mr. Ragtime Ramblings” column written and scheduled.

        Keep reading.

  3. tom

    I don’t see anything inconsistent with my and your comments except your insistence on the unmapped “curio street” reference.

  4. rick

    dont forget about the airport they promised when I bought a lot 5 years ago

  5. tom

    The closures on curios street (properly known as Mar de Cortes) and the Malecon have little to do with residents, who rarely have use for their wares. Their business has been dependent on visitors and ‘snowbirds’. Until we have a decent RV park, eased border crossing and less highly publicized drug problems, San Felipe will continue to see ‘hard days’. The closing of Vaquita II could be expected – it was too small and has been replaced by the owners larger facility on Chemutal.

    • Kat

      I disagree Tom. If there is a birthday gathering or a housewarming party or whatever occasion there might be. The gift could be purchased at one of the shops on Curio Street. It’s not all blankets and T-shirts. La Vaquita II and I around the corner closed for economic reasons.

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