28 December 2010 – Tuesday.


December 28, 2010The Korner5 Comments

I’m pretty sure everyone is recovering or has recovered from the Christmas holiday parties and all the festivities.  Dan and Audrey Caufman had a little party on Christmas Day at their condo in La Ventana del Mar.

It blows me away when I look at a photo taken the same day in San Felipe where it’s sunny and warm and look out my window at all the snow in Newton, Iowa where it’s a tad chilly.  I must be acclimating to the weather cause it’s really not that bad.  It’s supposed to be in the 40’s this week.  Kind of makes me laugh because in San Felipe, that’s cold and here it’s balmy.

Kay Gabbard tells me the Rotary distributed all their Christmas presents to the poor elderly in San Felipe, which is very cool.  I guess it’s appropriate to remember we will all be old some day and our elderly deserve to be comfortable and respected. So, hats off to the Rotary Club of San Felipe for helping to make a better Christmas for the old folks in San Felipe.  This is a photo of the top of the courthouse dome, all lit up for Double A.

The Illustrated Lady, my roving tattooed reporter, tells me the cook from Oshi’s (the Japanese restaurant that closed down) is now working for Chumpo’s on Mar de Cortez, next to The San Felipe Title Company Book Store.  Hence, they have added some sushi dishes and tempura to their menu.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to selling ice cream.  Stop by when you’re in town and give it a try and if you haven’t visited the bookstore, stop in and check out their huge selection of greeting cards and new books.  They also have used books for sale and the shop is decorated very nicely, and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask Cat or Ed to order it and I’m sure they will.

I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to write Kat’s Korner, which is supposed to be the San Felipe Scoop, when I’m not there to hear it or see it.  I did, however, take a photo of the top of the courthouse for Double A, which shows the lights strung down the dome.  I went to mass with Mikey’s family on Christmas Eve and that was a bit strange.  When you are used to hearing mass in Spanish it’s a bit strange in English.  Go figure.

Last year, I went to the Baja 250 with Shawnee and Bill Bowden and I bought them each a rosary from a kid who was selling stuff out in the desert.  I think it’s so cool they hang them from their fan above their bed.  It’s a nice photo of the fan too.  By the way, Shawnee is turning the big 50 January 11 and Bill is throwing a birthday bash at Rositas.  I hear Agave Blues will be playing, so it should be a good party.  I’ll be back in San Felipe by then, and I hope to attend the fiesta.  I hope I have the date right, but if it’s wrong, I’ll change it in my next posting.  Now, everyone who reads Kat’s Korner knows what their bedroom looks like.

From the Illustrated Lady: “Ok.  Marcie and I sacrificed ourselves and went back to Chumpos and ate again from the new Japanese menu…..shown are Marcie’s combo Teriyaki plate…..and my Spicy Tuna Roll…..she gave hers a 9 and I gave mine a 9 1/2…..mmmmmgood   ur Illustrated Lady aka the Goddess .” So, there you have it – a review from two customers.  More scoop mañana!

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  1. Kaaren

    Thank you for the court house photo Kat. Loved seeing the snow fluttering down also. When ya coming back?


  2. RastaGypsy

    . . . hmmmmm — “a tad chilly”, you say?

  3. kelly sherbanee

    I am surprised that there are no updates about Tony. I keep clicking his column in hopes that he is alright. There are no news updates which means that Tony is not up and about.Will someone please give me an update. I could not find any posting about him.
    Thank you.

    • Kat

      Hi there. Tony is alright; he’s in Columbia and has minimal internet usage. He’s taking a three week sabbatical for his high blood pressure. He should be back on line next week! Thanks for writing.

      • kelly sherbanee

        I love you Kat. See you soon.
        Kelly (Turnip Rose)

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