22 February 2011 – Tuesday.


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Update: Dollar night at La Vaquita is Wednesday, not Tuesday!  I wrote this thinking I would post it for Wednesday.  Mea Culpa!

Linda Sullivan of People’s Gallery and the San Felipe Newsletter sent me this: “Hi Katherine, Can you please put this on Kat’s Korner and let the public know what I am doingTheir will be no Memorial for Steve.  It is not what he wanted.  Instead we ask all the people who cared about Steve or who’s life he touched to go to Desert Realty or San Felipe Storage Units and give any where from $2 or what they can afford in Steven Thomas Sullivan’s  (Peoples Gallery Owner) name.  These monies will be given to Charity in Steve’s name.  The Grubbs & Jose Aguilar are very trusted and respected people in this town and will make sure that the money will be donated in Steve’s name.  This is what he loved the most.  To give to the our Mexican friends.  Thanks so much to all of you for your good wishes and thoughts.  Please help with this memory and give a little in Steve’s name.  Hugs to you all – Linda Sullivan.” Remember, Linda is not selling the gallery or newsletter at this time.  We will all think of Steven every time we see a cactus painting.  Rest in Peace Steven.

I have varied reports on the Paella Festival.  Most said it was wonderful; some said it was a bit chilly, but enjoyable.  Every year, the weather is different but come rain or shine, the festival goes on.  It’s attended faithfully by Mexican and American/Canadian folks and hosted by the Rodriguez family.  May Rocha wrote: “The weather was great for the Paella Festival. The mariachi band was terrific, sun shone throughout the afternoon. The children did a good job with their adorable folkloric dancing. The wind did not return last night. So all is well in San Felipe.” And Marsha wrote: “Hi Kat, Hope you are well. The winds were really bad on Friday. The weather was great for the Paella Festival…..all turned out well. Hope to see you soon!” The Illustrated Lady sent a few photos, and Robin Waters took a lot, so when she sends me the link to her photo album, I’ll link it. Click on the photos for a larger view.

Next on the event calendar of events in San Felipe is the Cancer Walk on February 26.  From Jan:  “Things to do on Saturday, February 26, 2011……. Walk for the 5th Annual  San Felipe Caminata Contra el Cancer, register at the arches @ 8:30 a.m., watch the opening ceremonies @ 9:30 a.m., start walking @ 10:00 a.m., to the Malecon.  Fiesta,  luncheon, entertainment and silent auction  to finish off the fun!  Early detection saves lives!

This is from the Ministry of Tourism of the Secretary of Tourism for the State of Baja California’s office in Tijuana regarding his media schedule helping to promote Baja and San Felipe’s Carnival 2011.  I’ll post it in Spanish and then loosely translated in English by me: “Estimados compañeros de Secture y el Sector Turístico:  Por este conducto les envío para su conocimiento la agenda, coordinada por esta Secretaría de Turismo, correspondiente a la gira por diversos medios de comunicación por las ciudades de Mexicali y Tijuana para llevar a cabo la promoción del Carnaval de San Felipe 2011.  Sin otro particular de momento me despido y quedo a sus órdenes.

¡Hablemos Bien de Baja California!
Roberto Karlo López Páez
Subdirector de Comunicación y Relaciones Públicas
Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de Baja California
664-682-3367 Ext. 117

Dear fellow Secture and Tourism Sector: I hereby send to your attention the agenda, coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism, for a tour of various media by the cities of Mexicali and Tijuana to carry out the promotion of the Carnival of San Felipe 2011. Without further ado I say goodbye for now and I am at your service.
Speak well of Baja California!
Roberto Karlo Lopez Paez
Assistant Director of Communications and Public Relations
Ministry of Tourism of Baja California (You can click on the graphic below in able to read it).

Tom Bothwell had a huge 12 foot bush pulled out at the roots from the wind last week.  It’s a good thing he wasn’t outside when it blew out of the ground because there are a lot of thorns in the branches.  The wind, at times, certainly can blow.  Tonight at La Vaquita is dollar night with Mike and Eloy.  Sergio puts on a  spread of different Mexican dishes and you buy them for $1.00 each and music is by Mike and Eloy.  The fun begins around 6:00 p.m.  Mac and Nan are performing their karaoke show at Rumors and I believe the girls pool night at Al’s Backstreet Bar has been moved to Wednesday nights, but you never know.

From Joan: “Hi all – We are contemplating  having an instructor on Astral Travel from the International Association of Consciousness- He will be willing to come down and do an introductory event and then a full workshop the following day to teach you Astral Travel and Out of Body Experiences. However, the workshop will cost between 800-1000 pesos and there won’t be a sliding fee scale. Thus, I need to know how many people are actually interested and would want to take the training so i can take the next step and invite him down. The date would be sometime during the second week of April….So please, let me know your thoughts on this. We would need a minimum of tenm people to bring him down.  Sharing thoughts from the ParaNormal World…Joan Hangarter.”  Contact Joan at  bajaparanormal@gmail.com.

And, if you’ve been wondering about the San Felipe Food Bank, Susan Young has sent me this:  “Hi Kat, Just want to bring you up to date on what’s happening with the the food bank. Mark, Kyle and Monte are back in the states and no longer involved. Patti (Patricia Orozco Rea – the lady who has been running it for the last year) has applied for new non-profit organization under the name of Voluntarios Sin Limites (Volunteers Without Limits). (New web site at this link but I don’t have the spanish site translated yet)

The work in the community remains the same. Food and water is delivered twice a month to the elderly and shut-ins. Dispensa is passed out to those in need out of the segunda building. They can pick it up twice a month on days designated for their neighborhood. Patti has become quite organized and has everyone fill out a paper with info on number of family members, ages and income. She is trying to limit the distribution to only those who really need the food. We currently are dispensing about $400 worth of beans, rice & flour a week (and oil for the old folks). Summer was very tight but the returning snowbirds continue to be generous in their donations of goods for Patti to sell at the segunda.  The therapy for the handicapped children is conducted 3 times a week. We have two trained expats who are volunteering their time to help now.  Chuck and I are acting as unofficial facilitators for the new organization and will be looking to spread the word about the as soon as our factura number is available (hopefully this coming Tuesday).  I have been told that you were at one time active in supporting this work and I hope that once we have the facturia in hand, we will once again be able to count you in our supporters.  Stay warm and hurry back! San Felipe misses you.  Susan Young.”

There is a comment from Sunday’s posting which I’m reprinting here as there are certain spots on the construction of the new highway that visitors should know about.  We can only hope they can get this work down to a minimum but in the interim, if you have folks coming to visit, encourage them to drive slowly and during daylight hours.

Kat: My wife, Claudette, and I moved into one of the condos in El Dorado about a month ago on a 1 year lease. Yesterday (Saturday), we made the drive from San Felipe back to Arizona. I have to tell you that the area where the road construction is going on south of Mexicali was a nightmare. There were 3 detours, and the longest one was through some of the worst mud condtions that I have ever seen. I was pulling an empty 12′ trailer, and there were times that my pickup was slideing sideways and the trailer was fishtailing like crazy. It was one of the most dangerous driving conditions that I have ever been exposed to. We’re hoping that, by the time we drive back at the end of the week, some kind of major improvement has been made. There’s no way I would even try to pull a trailer through this mud bog. Look forward to seeing you around town some time. REGARDS, Van Corkran.” We as a community need to have our officials put pressure on Mexicali to get the work done if they expect crowds for our events to drive down.

9th Annual Club de Pesca
International Chili Cookoff

By Joseph Malek
Are you ready? . . . I mean are you ready?  For the 9th Annual Club de Pesca International Chili Cookoff? Boy, I’m still amped out from last year’s Cookoff. (If you
weren’t there, you missed some sizzling competition and a smokin’ hot overflowing event of chili team throw downs.) This year the 9th Annual Club de Pesca International Chili Cookoff will be held on Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m.,
May 7, 2011 at Club de Pesca on the beautiful ramada patio and surrounding beachfront spaces. Chili teams sign up and entry begins March 15, 2011 and closes April 30, 2011.  Sign up and entry must be done in person at Club de Pesca. Contact Joseph Malek at 686 233-5206.  2011 Chili Cookoff rules and team responsibilities will be posted on-line at www.sanfelipe.com.mx/business/club_de_​pesca February 15, 2011.  Look for more detailed information in next month’s San Felipe Newsletter or the above-mentioned link. Should you have any questions, email at clubdepescachilicookoff@gmail.com.

The Rotary “Steak in the Park” and Silent Auction on Mar 10th; The Baja 250, Tequila Festival, Blues and Art’s Fiesta, Carnival – there’s a lot planned for San Felipe (check our events page for more details).  If you’ve never been to San Felipe or Baja, I invite you to view some of our Walk-Abouts, which will show you San Felipe from a different angle.  Click here to view.  If you’d like to see a couple of videos of the races, you’ll find them at or near the same link. The Sunday Brunch Bunch enjoyed a nice meal at Baja Mar on Sunday.  Photo by quien sabe?

Kat, I was over to PDO Saturday and saw a familiar car at the old Sundance Deli location. Sure enough, John and Lynn were inside. They are fixing up the place and going to open up another deli and store right there where they started. They have the whole area except where Mychel’s is and look like they are really fixing it up. Lynn says she will be doing the baking and that they will have some real special items. She says that she will not be baking regular breads but will be doing some artesian stuff. They plan to open about March 1.  Regards, Mike.” Thanks for the scoop Mike.

12 Responses to “22 February 2011 – Tuesday.”
  1. Kaaren

    I sure hope they do not do that one cup deal at the Chili cook-off this year – it was AWFUL. Total turn off for me last year to the point I quit the sampling. No one I have talked to like it either.

  2. MrRagtime

    You’ve got to shorten something, It takes a full 30-seconds to reach the Scoop from your Home page

  3. RastaGypsy

    yo, Gata! my peeps keep asking me if i know where the food drop off is, and i’ve got to tell ’em “no, i do not!” so if you’d please post where they can leave food, clothing, etc., etc., all would be most appreciative.

    btw, heard recently Title Books is “for sale” and that the owners are leaving SF for other parts of this great state — you know anything ’bout that?

    • Kat

      I’ll get a complete list aside from the actual food bank building which is out on the highway. volunteerswithoutlimits.org/
      susan@fromthedeck.net and Patti are running it now. Yes, the bookstore is moving to PV in June. It’s too sad that this town can’t support a bookstore, but we have 27 liquor stores.

  4. Julie Willis

    La Vaquita’s $1 night is tomorrow, Wednesday, night. We had to stop by and make sure as don’t want to miss it.

    • Kat

      Thanks Julie – to make a long story short – I knew it was Wednesday – I just thought I would be posting today rather than Tuesday, but thanks for keeping me on my toes!

  5. Susan Young

    The link to Volunteers Without Limits is not correct (I think it is trying to redirect through Facebook. Here’s the correct link: http://www.volunteerswithoutlimits.org/ Thanks for posting the update Kat.

    • Kat

      You’re welcome and thanks for the correct link.

  6. Sybil Stanton

    Hi Kat…We just got home yesterday afternoon. The detours were not too bad as any rain had dried up but we were driving the 4Runner so it was just bumpy and dusty. They seem to be grading it to keep it as smooth as they can. The border [new one] was ‘only’ 1 1/2 hours at noon [on Monday 2/21] Really thinking about the Sentri pass! I have some photos I will send you. We had a super good time and 98% of the weather was perfect. THAT WIND WAS, AMAZING!

    • Kat

      Thank you Syb for the road report. Yeah, the wind at Ocotillos can get crazy and in town during Semana Santa one year, you had to cover your face with your shirt or the sand blowing would hit you smack in the mouth. Glad we don’t have too much of that and the sun and the fun make up for it.

  7. Karen

    What happened to Mark, Kyle and Monty?

    • Kat

      Mark had some health problems; Kyle moved and Monty, I believe, is still doing his own thing.

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