23 April 2011 – Saturday.


April 23, 2011The Korner2 Comments

Semana Santa weekend in San Felipe – oh the memories keep flooding in.  One year, on an early Saturday morning when most of the residents were still on dial-up, a truck backed into the spot between the old Net building where the entry way to Juanita’s Washtub Laundry is and tore the line from the pole to the building down.  We happened to have a terrible sand storm that morning, but Hop-a-Long and my daughter walked from my house in the hood (there was no way you could drive there) down to the Net and the wind was blowing so hard and the sand was hitting our faces.  To make a very long story even longer, we got to the Net without getting hit by an ATV or car and it was a miracle we did.  There was so much sand blowing you couldn’t see in front of you and then, after about an hour, it was over with and the sun came out but our Internet was still down.  Telnor came very early the next morning (Sunday) and I met Rogelio at the Net at about 5:30 a.m. because it was the only time they could get the truck through.  This was in the day when we still had five or more Spring Break crowds coming down, in addition to the Semana Santa guests.  They got the line from the pole connected again, but it was an even bigger problem.  Someone driving up by the military base (obviously well into their cups) hit a transformer pole and knocked it down.  All’s well that ends well – we were up and running again by Sunday afternoon, but that’s a memory of Semana Santa that will stick with me for a very long time.  Speaking of sand, the old Desert Rat Lou Wells left a comment:  “And there are the Sand Drags tomorrow Sat starting at 1-2-? pm. I’ve seen some pretty good looking vehicles coming in for them. Just south of town and west of the highway.”  If you’ve never seen this, try and make it out there today.  I believe the shortest way to get there is to turn off Airport Road (Mar Caribé Sur) to the road behind the water company, just south of the Pemex.  It’s quite an event and always a big turnout.  Cory Dudley, the tennis pro at El Dorado Ranch, had his students over for a little soiree at Campo Ocotillos.  “I had my “Students” over for a pizza feed last evening, talk about a great time. The weather was balmy much like the host and we sat around the fire pit and roasted marshmallows. These are the early arrivals, there ended up about fifteen of us.” Photo by Cory Dudley.

The Governor of Baja has dispatched around 2,000 extra security forces throughout Baja to make sure Spring Break and Easter Week visitors are safe and San Felipe has about 300 Mexicali police and extra ambulances to help with crowd control and any accidents.  This also brings back fond memories (well, not that fond).  One year, they sent down about the same amount of officers from Mexicali but the only place they had for them to sleep was the old Federal school near the light company.  Evidently, they were served some not so fresh food and inadequate housing problems which caused them to go on strike on Saturday afternoon and they all left San Felipe to go back to Mexicali.  The next year, they had housing for them.  The Secretary of Tourism’s office reports that our little town is at about 90% capacity, which includes hotels, motels, condos and camping.  I certainly hope they leave the beaches and town garbage free.

Here are some photos taken by AnitaNet of Semana Santa 2011 in and around town.  Notice the extreme tides – I would imagine camping on the beach is a bit iffy, unless you’re camped right near the wall.  Enjoy your Easter weekend.

To see many more, please click here to La Gata Loca’s Gallery – Photos by AnitaNet

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  1. Rasta Gypsy

    Gata, thanks to your “mem’ries” commentary & AnitaNet’s photo, i truly enjoyed Semana Sancta this year. having been caught up in some totally negative experiences decades ago, i’ve truly come to hate mobs, but this way & time i enjoyed “being there” — all from the comfort of my patio (and mi bano nearby) ~*.) abrazos, chica!!

  2. Donna Roberts

    We had two good days in the shop, but could not get in Sat, gave up today. The town is really jumping. I had ten guests They were Jorge Luna sec. and family. Did my heart good to see all of them really enjoy themselves in our small little town. First time in years I was woke up by crying children, I ended up enjoying it

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