24 May 2011 – Tuesday.


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The month of May is just about over with and we should be heavy into Summer by June.  Actually, May and October are my two favorite months.  October because it’s still nice and warm but no humidity and the evenings are still pleasant enough to sit outside and watch the stars.  I love the month of May in San Felipe because of the enormous amount of wild flowers all over the desert.  I remember having to drag a five gallon bucket full of water from the truck to the plants and the trail of water would produce pretty orange and purple flowers.  If you take a ride out of town after we’ve have a good rain; it’s really a site to see.  May is also a great month to camp on the beach.  It’s still cool enough in the evenings so you don’t wake up at the crack of dawn in a sweat, but warm enough that you’re comfortable.  September and December are my least favorite and I’ll tell you why.  In September, it’s always hot and humid and any breeze we get is usually hot too, although I love hot weather.  The Sea of Cortez is too warm to swim (at least for me).  I like the water cold when it’s 100 F or more outside, so one really needs to go further south (and swim out away from the shoreline) to enjoy the cooler water.  Now that the bookstore is closed and their great selection of greeting cards are packed away, you can still find cards at People’s Gallery.  Photo by AnitaNet.

I mentioned in my last posting that Desert Mothers was in dire need of a kiln so they can continue to make their wares and sell them.  If no one has an extra one laying around, they will have to buy a new one and they are not cheap.  This group of women have been given the opportunity to become artists in their own right and they’ve all worked very hard to learn what they know but they need our help.  If you want to help these Mexican women help themselves, come to the benefit breakfast being held at the Los Arcos Restaurant (next to the arches) on June 4 beginning at 10:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.  The cost is a mere $10, especially in light of what they are serving.  Fresh fruit, orange juice, coffee, bacon, ham, sausage, Potatoes O’Brien, homemade biscuits and gravy, stuffed French toast, eggs souffle, bagels and lox, Eggs Benedict and a 50/50 raffle.  I’m sure the bar will be open for those wanting a bloody Mary or a Mimosa.  You’ll also be treated to the beautiful voice of Socorro Gomez and you’ll be helping to shape and form these women’s futures by helping them buy a kiln.  This is definitely a be there or be square event.  Please click on the poster to see a larger view.

Tuesday night in San Felipe and you’re looking for something to do and that tune has been going through your head all day and you can’t figure out why?  You probably have the Karaoke bug.  Rumors has Mac and Nan on Tuesday and Saturday nights (whoopee Mac) and the Pavillion has Karaoke on Wednesdays.  Denny Flannigan is at Rumors on Thursday and Saturday nights; the girls play pool on Thursday evenings, unless it’s been changed and Friday night you can dance the night away to Agave Blues.   I believe Javier Batiz is going to be at Rumors on Friday night, May 27 for their one year anniversary and Denny will probably also be on hand.  Also, on Saturday is the Big Hat event at Cantu Cove and the El Vergel Volunteer Firemen’s Mexican Fiesta on Sunday.  I almost forgot! Also on Saturday is the Percebu Poker Run, so you can’t complain there’s nothing to do.  I’m pretty sure we’ll have a few tourists in for the long weekend and the fireworks aren’t that bad over this weekend, however, if your dog is sensitive to the fireworks, be sure and stop by Magdalena’s or Vet Pet on Mar Caribe and get a few doggie downers.  Shells in a bottle?  Might make a nice gift and you can find it at People’s Gallery.  Photo by AnitaNet.

There are lots of things to do this weekend and Rosarito Beach is having their “La Feria del Arte” or Rosarito Art Fest.  They will have about 110 artists showing their wares and this will happen on May 28 and 29 on Blvd. Benito Juárez (Zona Turística) de Rosarito, which is the main part of town, so you can’t miss it.  My friend MrRagtime sent me a disturbing article, mostly because the name is so familiar but I can’t picture a face.  At any rate, it looks like we’ve had another spouse get rid of their wife in San Felipe only this one is in jail in San Diego.  Evidently, he shot her in the front and back of the head – a bit of overkill – in their home in San Felipe.  I read he confessed to killing his wife in Mexico, but I guess he doesn’t want to be extradited.  Too bad, too sad.  Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time and what in the hell is wrong with getting a divorce?  I am so tired of reading about spouses killing each other because they didn’t want to lose the house or the boat or whatever.  Nothing good can come of greed.  I feel bad for the family of this woman and her children, if she had any.  She was 52 years old and her name was Caryn Childs and the defendant’s name is Victor.  I guess there were bullet “holes” (in the plural) in both the front and back of his wife’s head.  He said she begged him to shoot her because she was dying from an insulin shot.  Yeah, right.  It was a mercy killing only he was so merciful, he shot her a couple of times on each side of her head.  I don’t mean to sound so flippant about this because it really is sad, but as I’m always ranting, I am so tired of Americans and Canadians mindset that you can come to Mexico and kill your wife and it’s okay – try and blame it on a Mexican like the producer who killed his wife in Cabo San Lucas.  If these people would just get a divorce and stop worrying about “money” and/or “things” our little world would be a lot better and don’t think you can get away with it in San Felipe.  Not in our back yard!!  This is a nice piece of art – it looks like semi-precious stones on a copper tree.  Another gift you can buy at People’s Gallery.  (I have stock in People’s Gallery – I’m kidding).  Photo by AnitaNet.

I posted photos of Rick’s barbeque but I was not aware that Wayne Petty was also the co-host of that party, and Jack was nice enough to let me know.  Evidently it was a “Bring on Summer” party and about 62 people attended.  I’m not sure if this is Wayne, but if it’s not, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

I wanted to post this comment from Donna Roberts as it just came in and it’s for Monday’s posting.  You’re very welcome Desert Mothers and let’s hope we can get a new kiln donated and you can use the money from the benefit for clay and paint!  If you want to get involved – this would be the group!  “Thanks Kat for the wonderful words about Desert Mothers. You have always been one of our biggest fans (but then you have good taste)Times are hard but the women are hanging in there, working almost everyday.Hoping to raise the money for a second hand kiln at the benefit. I want everyone to know Desert Mothers break all the myths about Mexicans and show me the truth about these wonderful people when given a chance.”  Photo by AnitaNet.

Rick and Wayne

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  1. Sybil Stanton

    Katherine! I sent you a very nice email over a week ago with several good photos and if you can’t find it let me know and I’ll resend it! 🙂
    Your bud, Syb

    • Kat

      Sybil – resend please!!

  2. Tom

    A kiln is not particularly hard to make. For techical advice,assistance, and material sources. Give me a call

  3. dale marschke

    I may have a almost new kiln for you . do you need a gas or elec.????/ we will be going to puertecitos on june 5th

    • Kat

      Wow, that’s wonderful. Let me put you in touch with Donna Roberts and she can let you know. I’m pretty sure they’ll take what they are given. Thanks so much.

    • Donna Roberts

      Dale I will take anything elec. or gas. We just need a working kiln. I would like you to meet the women so you can see for yourself, how wonderful they are. Thank-you and Kat once again I owe you.
      Dale my number is 576-0089 or 686-169-5267

  4. Linda Sullivan

    Hey Kat. Do you have a new e-mail? Thanks so much for the good words and wonderful photo’s that Anitnet took at the gallery. Hope all is well and keep in touch.
    Hugs Linda Sullivan

    • Kat

      No ma’am. Same same.

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