31 May 2011 – Tuesday


May 31, 2011The Korner10 Comments

I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend.  I read in a Google Alert that Mexico, particularly Baja and San Felipe had very high occupancy percentages which means local restaurants and shops probably did a pretty good business.  Coming up is the Desert Mothers Breakfast Benefit at the Los Arcos Restaurant.  This is one group very special to me and a lot of people in San Felipe.  For those of you who don’t know what Desert Mothers is, I’ll give you a short explanation and a little background.  For years, the only viable employment for Mexican women who could not afford to go to high school or college, was housekeeping or working in the laundry of a hotel.  Obviously, there’s not much room for advancement financially and the future seemed a bit bleak.  Donna Roberts had a vision when she first moved to San Felipe ten years or more ago.  She wanted to help these women, most all with children, to help themselves and to try and bring out what she thought was some natural talent and also the ability to learn.  Because Donna is an art lover herself, she was privy to many artists who were willing to hold workshops to teach both the Desert Mothers and also the foreign community.  These workshops were all a wonderful success and Desert Mothers were on their way.  However, all this takes money and Donna Roberts has used thousands of dollars of her own money to keep this dream alive.  In order for the women to make different items with metal, wood, clay and more, they need a compressor, a kiln, supplies and much more.  This breakfast is only $10 and it’s for one of the best causes in San Felipe, so try and make it.  This is a sample of some of the mosaic work the women have done.  Photo by Kat.

The event of the season is June 4 beginning at 10:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.  The cost is a mere $10, especially in light of what they are serving.  Fresh fruit, orange juice, coffee, bacon, ham, sausage, Potatoes O’Brien, homemade biscuits and gravy, stuffed French toast, eggs souffle, bagels and lox, Eggs Benedict and a 50/50 raffle.  I’m sure the bar will be open for those wanting a bloody Mary or a Mimosa.  You’ll also be treated to the beautiful voice of Socorro Gomez and you’ll be helping to shape and form these women’s futures.  Also, Volunteers Without Limits, the new name for the San Felipe Food Bank, is requesting all guests bring a few canned goods to help feed the poor.  I used to be on the Board of Directors when it was the Food Bank San Felipe.  So, as I always say when I really want people to attend a very important event: be there or be square.

Victor Rodriguez Ratliff attended the Volley Ball Tournament held at El Dorado Ranch.  With so many events and places to go this past weekend, it would have been a tough job getting to the south beaches and the north beaches and all spots in between, so I truly appreciate Victor sending me the photos and I’m so jealous of the tans!  Hopefully, I’ll get a tan this weekend, if it doesn’t rain.  The weather in San Felipe is perfect this time of year, as you can tell from the volley ball players and the beautiful Sea of Cortez.   Photos by Victor Rodriguez Ratliff.

My friend, Angela Anderson, has a beautiful home which is decorated like something out of Architectural Digest, and she’s selling it for $260,000 and it’s in Playas de San Felipe with a great view of the Sea of Cortez.  We used to call this street “millionaire row” years ago.   If you’re looking for a sweet little (big) spot near the beach, just a bit out of town (south) but has city water and Internet, you can reach Angela here: painter50@msn.com.  Angela, you can send my commission to Iowa!  Just kidding.  I am proud to say that I’ve never taken a penny for referring people to real estate agents or helping my friends sell their homes.

It looks like D.I.F. has canceled the Bingo event which was supposed to be held at the Pavillion.  Cesar has informed us that any monies already exchanged will be returned.  I don’t know why they canceled it, but I’ll find out.  My daughter sent me some old photos she found at her house which were taken in 1982.  We were living in Los Angeles at the time and my in-laws wintered in Yuma.  So, we got in my Mustang and drove to Yuma for Christmas.  Mind you, it gets very cold in Yuma in the evenings, which is why I have on a pair of jeans.  At any rate, moving on with my story, we decided to take a trip to San Felipe in my Mustang.  Four adults and a five year old child and if you think the roads were bad before we got the new highway, I became an expert in dodging potholes on the drive down.  We made a few stops on the way, and there are still remnants of this little shack, which was a bathroom or outhouse.  The sign means “women only” and the other sign means “employees”.  You can click the photo to see what I looked like when I was 32!

This was my first trip to San Felipe and at that time, there was no Malécon and the Rockodile was a restaurant called Arnolds.  When we pulled into town, we went straight to the water to find a restaurant with those famous Blue Shrimp.  My daughter, Desiree’, was only five and didn’t want shrimp; she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich.  Of course, it wasn’t on the menu but they made her one with french fries and we adults had a plate piled high with huge shrimp, salad and french fries.  I drank at that time, so we had pitchers of Margaritas and the total bill for everything was about $25.00.  We stayed at the El Cortez in one of the cabanas that had two queen sized beds for $38.50.  My, how times have changed.

We actually went to San Felipe to buy some kilos of shrimp but we couldn’t find any.  After we left San Felipe, we drove what seemed like forever to El Golfo.  By the time we got there, it was dark and there was nothing open.  We did, however, find some huge frozen shrimp and we drove all the way back to Yuma that very night.  I can’t even tell you where El Golfo is, except some people came into the Net at one time who were living there, so it’s a bit of a snowbird hangout now.  I suppose we can say we’ve come a long way, but there are obvious drawbacks to growth.  Es la vida!  This is a photo of the arches in 1982 taken by Imogene Blair.

June 11 is the 1st anniversary of Playa Clean International, a beach clean-up event Martin Romo of Rosita’s Restaurant on the Malécon started and Bill and Shawnee Bowden joined in along with a lot of other people and it looks like they are going to do it again.  Stop by Rositas and see how you can help make San Felipe’s beaches clean and a place you’re proud to live in.  Kudos for Martin Romo!

Sandy Flannigan was kind enough to send me photos of the 1st anniversary of Rumors Beach Bar and Grill.  Denny Flannigan was on hand to play with Javier Batiz, the man who taught Jimmy Hendrix how to play the guitar (or so they say).  Congratulations to Jeannie Peppler, who is the brain trust behind the success of Rumors especially during our challenging economic times.  In the first photo, Javier is holding the CD we were involved in (Denny and I co-wrote lyrics to La Gata Loca) and Denny is holding one of Javier’s cd’s.  I like this photo!  By the way, you can still get a copy of the CD, which has Arturo from Agave Blues and Mederas de San Felipe, Jim Manning of the Baja Boys, Tavo Garcia of Tavo’s Revolution and I know I’m forgetting a couple of people, but it’s good music.  Just see Denny or Sandi at Rumors and you can find them at Rumors entertaining the masses on (I hope I’m right) Tuesdays and Fridays and if that’s wrong Sandi, please drop me a comment and thank you for the photos.   Photos by Sandi Flannigan.

Frenchie strikes again!  This little tale (true) came from a friend who asked me to send her a photo of Frenchie so a victim could identify her.  “Thanks for the help with the photo -the family identified her to be the woman  who stole from 2 residents at the campo -At about 11am Sunday morning she first approached an elderly man asking for a glass of water, followed him into the house and stole 500 pesos.  Then, she crossed the street where an elderly lady was sitting on her lounge chair – she just opened up the patito gate and walked in saying “Hi do you remember me?  We met around 3 yrs ago and we sat outside talking and then she said – May I use your bathroom?” The lady said she seemed to be inside for a long time but then she came out at which time the ladies grandson was returning from the beach,  so she said that she was going to take off and would see her later.   After she left, she found she was missing $200.00 from her wallet.  Frenchie was wearing a blue and white floral Hawaian top and shorts -she was also with a black short hair medium size dog. Obviously the Police were called and they said they were looking for her -but I suppose  they have to actually catch her in the act. Perhaps as a reminder to our local residents you should post this incident again.”  I am going to go out on a limb here and post her photo because it sounds like the same crap the cops were pulling the last Frenchie wave we had.  Every single time she was caught – not red handed – but with the stolen goods, they said there had to be an eye witness.  So, do not let this woman in your home; if you see her approaching call the police.  She mostly targets campos because she can come in from the beach without too much trouble, but this woman is slick.  I haven’t seen her since she’s been back, but I hear she’s looking pretty bad.  I like to call it “rode hard and put away wet” but it’s kind of crude.  She’s a bad, bad person and she’ll steal pills, money, clothes and keys.  Be sure and tell your friends and you might want to print off a copy of the photo; just don’t say where you got it.   I think I wrote about this before, but a few years back when Frenchie was hitting what seemed like everywhere, I personally drove around to all the campos in town and distributed her photo but I was told by a man in the know, I could be prosecuted for slander.  Isn’t that a kick.  Too bad – sue me.   Photo by Kat circa 2008.
Cesar from the Pavillion Restaurant at La Ventana del Mar at El Dorado Ranch: “Wednesday Night special appearance by Alex A. from Palm Springs. You gotta hear this Kid play; Spanish guitar, blues, Reggae, and Jazz. Something new and fresh in San Felipe, so you can’t miss it at 6pm Pavilion Restaurant.”
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  1. Wayne Petty

    REF Frenchie: Just a note to let you know this “person” is as bad as other readers are claiming!! She was allowed to “rent” an apartment room at Marco’s Camp where I live last month (which she never came up with any money to pay for). And while here, she stole a number of items form my site (including an expensive heavy duty extension cord and a pair of my sandles) and, then she broke into my house through a window and stole a number of other items inside the house. That included a bunch of frozen food, a new bottle of $25.00 tecalla and my brand new pellet gun (pistol)that I had. Note: she has befriended a Mexican family locally and she steals this stuff and gives it to these people to sell for her I think(this is my theory based on observations I’ve seen while she was here…. I do not have proof of this). But she does have someone helping her for sure! We went to the police too but, they did nothing at all. Same ‘ol story!!!

    • Kat

      Well, I do know she was in jail long enough for me to go and identify her, but because I didn’t see it first hand, they let her out and she was outside joking with the cops. She’s a menace to society and San Felipe as a whole and a drug addict so tell everyone you know -show them a photo- and let’s run her out of town, again. She’s not even a Mexican!!

  2. Tom

    Heidi: I’ve found the police to be very efficient and cooperative. They have always responded to my home within 10-15 minutes and have always taken a full report. On one incident (not at my home) they caught and had the culprit in the lockup with an hour (and ALL my money was returned to me)

  3. Mike Jones

    Anitanet is sure getting to be a good phtographer, kudos to her. and congrats to you on your marrage.

  4. Heidi Blue

    Thank you Kat for posting this-it was my family that she robbed last weekend. People need to know that it’s not enough to just call the police when a crime occurs but we actually have to go in to the police station during business hours and file a formal report. I did that on Monday. That way the police are building up documentation and sworn witnesses. When I lived in Rosarito we were finally able to have a thief arrested when enough victims went in and filed reports.

  5. Donna Roberts

    Kat a reader of K.K. sent us a check for 100.00 dlls her name is Connie Varner. Bruce and Freda Barber gave us 500 pesos. Many others are buying tickets and will not even be here. They are Sam Grubb, Dick Cadger, Kathy Thompson, and a few more. You still have the magic touch girl. Thank-you everyone. Donna

  6. Donna Roberts

    Kat thank you for all the love and support you have given Desert Mothers since day 1. Because of you and people like you Desert Mothers is what it is today. And kiddo you haven’t seen anything yet. I will get you some pictures of all the new things we are doing.Again thank you for everything, come home and I will find a man down here for you or tell Mikie to get over it and move here.

  7. Shirley Moore

    Javier Batiz taught SANTANNA how to play the guitar !!

    • Kat

      Thanks Shirley – I thought it might be Santana, however when I Googled him last night, I didn’t see Javier’s name: “Around the age of 8, Santana “fell under the influence” of blues performers like B.B. King and John Lee Hooker.[11] He also credits Jimi Hendrix, Mike Bloomfield and Peter Green as important influences; he considered Bloomfield a direct mentor, writing of a key meeting with Bloomfield in San Francisco in the foreword he wrote to a biography of Bloomfield, Michael Bloomfield: If You Love These Blues-An Oral History in 2000.[12]” so my next best guess was Jimi! Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Susan Young

    Thanks Kat for the post about the Desert Mothers Benefit and food drive. When you coming home?

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