22 June 2011 – Wednesday.


June 21, 2011The Korner9 Comments

If June 21 was the first day of Spring, somebody needs to tell Iowa.  Wow, what crazy weather; it’s warm; it’s windy; it’s cold; it’s raining; the sun is shining; the sun is shining while it’s raining.   Mikey said there’s probably a rainbow out back and I told him, run and see and tell me and I’ll get my camera.  I didn’t have time to get my wide lens camera and my battery was low, but I went out to the back stoop and snapped a photo of the remnants of a double rainbow.  The black clouds starting rolling in quickly but it’s beautiful out in front of the Hometown Apartments.  What a cute name.  Photo by Kat Craig.  In less than two weeks, I’ll be changing my name.

An adverse lack of action is evident on the Malecon. Early Saturday the garbage cans located on the Malecon side walks were welcoming the passing visitors under this deplorable state; far from benefiting the public beach, these cans are contaminating both the view and the visitors health. These matters are being poorly attended by the Delegación municipal.”  A citizen of San Felipe.

Boy, that’s an inviting image we are giving our visitors and/or prospective residents.  I ruffle a few feathers when I post photos like this, but if that’s what it takes to possibly get some action, so be it.  With the unemployment as it is in San Felipe, I would think the City could find the funding (or the State) to put a few dozen people to work helping to keep the town and the beaches clean.  After all, it should or could be classified under tourism.  Thank God we have Martin Romo of Rice and Beans and his campaign to keep the beaches of San Felipe clean.   We need the fire department to bring down their hoses and some soap and wash down both sides of the Malécon and the city to keep the garbage cans empty.  If you’re out for a stroll on an early Sunday morning, it’s your last impression of San Felipe before you hit the road for home.  Back in the day, you would always see men on the Malécon sweeping or mopping and the volunteer fire department washing down the boardwalk.  We all have to do our part in keeping San Felipe’s streets and beaches clean and sanitary.  Dondé esta el Jefe de Obras y (I can’t remember the rest of it, but it’s the head of public works and something else.)  We don’t want people going back home and telling their friends that San Felipe is a dirty little town when it’s the Best Little Town in the Baja.  This is defeating everything the Baja Image Committee is trying to accomplish.  If you’re a visitor to San Felipe, please use our garbage cans.

Sadly, Mindy (pictured above) has not yet been identified as the right dog and she seems to be missing now.  Darryl and Michele of Baja Sun Realtors have been out there a couple of times and they couldn’t find the dog who was under the construction trailer.  As a matter of fact, they didn’t see any dogs.  If you know anyone down south, please pass this photo on.  She was last seen March 26 near Campo Cristine and has long ears; not your typical boxer ears and an orange collar.  If you see this dog or know someone down south who may know someone, please pass the word.  The woman who lost her dog, Terri Buffett of Las Vegas, has offered to pay for the vet bill for the dog that was under the trailer, even though it may not be her dog.  That’s pretty cool.  Photos of Desert Mother’s Art by AnitaNet.  If you like what you see, you can purchase or special order many of these hand made items at La Plazita across from Bancomer.

She also wants to help out SFAR and speaking of our wonderful San Felipe Animal Rescue, our own Sam Grubb has recorded a country album with songs he wrote himself.  Chuy sent me the art work, but it wasn’t in photo format, so I expect to see it when I open up my email.  The photo was taken by Victor Rodriguez and the art work on the cd was done by Rick Rudd, formerly of the Vatos Locos.  The great part about this album is all proceeds are going to SFAR and Sam tells me they’ve already raised $250.  If you pick your cd up in San Felipe, it’s five dollars ($5.00) but if we mail it to you, the cost is $10.00.  It’s a very generous thing for Sam to do and I can’t wait to hear it.  It’s in the mail, so I’ll put a tune on YouTube and you all can sample Sam’s writing and singing.  We have so many talented people who live in and around San Felipe.  Natasha James has had a hit country record for a long time and she has a home on the Sea of Cortez.  There are too many more artists of one flair or another to name, but you can be certain, San Felipe draws some very cool peeps.  Here’s a recent interview of Natasha James.

I would like to share a gift from a friend I both love and admire.  It’s pretty cool.  “So, if you are ready, take a couple of minutes just now and do a few really deep breaths and allow yourself to actually feel what’s going on inside.  Close your eyes and let the thoughts in your head blur out, you can come back to them later, right now just feel.  If your thoughts are screaming at you for attention then just take that as a clue to the underlying emotion and get curious about why that is.  Look behind the thoughts for the emotions that propel and support them.  Have patience with yourself as sometimes this takes a little practice, keep coming back to the feeling.    Sit with the feelings for a few minutes and just observe without judgment or reaction.  Try not to justify or explain or shove the feeling away.  You don’t have to DO anything with them right this moment. Simply feel the feelings and acknowledge the reality of them.  Being aware of the truth of your feelings is the bedrock of emotional intelligence and you will thank yourself for taking the time to give yourself this gift.  You will then have a clearer idea of what’s going on and what direction to focus your action on.  Repeat at will.”  Try it; you’ll like it.

I meant to put this link to some photos of the Desert Mothers breakfast benefit.  You can see those here.  Jollymon is closed and so is the bookstore.  The weather is beautiful in San Felipe and the highway is in pretty good shape.  Rentals are plentiful and some good deals can be made.  Invite your friends and family to come to San Felipe and enjoy our pristine beaches and blue sea water.  Your last night for Music with the Baja Boys is at the Pavillion this Thursday night…Dinner, Music and Dancing..We’ll be back in September Mr. Manning reports.  Have a great hump day.

9 Responses to “22 June 2011 – Wednesday.”
  1. Sybil Stanton

    June 21st – the first day of SUMMER and the longest day of the year! And Pierre is in San Felipe and he called to tell me it is ‘friggin’ HOT! We sure have nice neighbors in Campo Ocotillos! He reports that the plants and trees are all in good shape!

  2. Vivian Scott

    Kat, I totally agree with your comments about the Malecon. This boardwalk should be the biggest tourist attraction in San Felipe. Such a shame to have nice new trash cans, but they are overflowing. Who can we talk to about this?

    • Kat

      The Mayor, Roberto Ledon, or the Jefe de Obras, Sr. Montoya. It really is a shame – hope we can get some action. Love it that you’re always right on it Vivian!! Thanks so much.

  3. Julie Willis

    Is there somewhere I can post an ad and pictures for a home gym weight machine I have for sale in San Felipe?

    • Kat

      Sure Julie – write me the details and send a photo if you have one and I’ll post it on Kat’s Korner, which goes on FB and Twitter for Twits! bajakat@gmail.com

  4. Shirley Thompson

    As the big day draws closer, how about a picture of Mikey. I like your new name.

    P.S. People are still reporting sites of Frenchy in this northern area. In Mexico everyone has to look after themselves. The law does not bother with petty thieves.

    • Kat

      In response to our weather gal’s posting, Shirley Thompson: It’s coming! I kind of like my new name too! Neighbors just have to watch out for each other and not depend on authorities. Hope you’re well Shirl!

  5. shirley Moore

    Jolly Mon Bar is still open. “Agave Blues” Band will be playing there this Friday the 24th. 6:30 pm to 10:00pm

    • Kat

      Thanks Shirley – I was hoping you or Jim would leave a comment and let me know for sure. Conflicting reports. They still have the bar and will be serving drinks, correct? Thanks again.

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