17 October 2011 – Monday


October 16, 2011The Korner10 Comments

Another manic Monday and it’s going to be a great week; I can feel it.  For those readers who missed BajaBelle’s Diaries, she will be back next Sunday and a very big thank you to Sam Grubb for our “Saturdays with Sam” and Carolyn Richards for our “Sundays with BajaBelle”.  From the comments left and emails I’ve received, but mostly from what I’ve read, Sam’s and BajaBelle’s stories are a hit.  Carolyn did send this to me and rather than put it up yesterday, I saved it for today:

“Every once in awhile–and certainly not often enough, from my standpoint–a vacation trip falls at one’s feet and it would be criminal not to take the time to enjoy it!  Such was our case–in less than six weeks time, a month’s vacation to near and distant lands evolved from a phone call from my friend Polly.  She was inaquiring if we’d be interested in a certain cruise that had been discounted considerably.  It was most serendipitous and an adventure we surely couldn’t pass up.  From that evolved several leg trips which take us to the East Coast to enjoy the autumn colors and visit friends, to Boston to sightsee some of our nation’s most sacred of historical sites–and then on to Italy for a week, following up with the initial reason for this trip, a cruise from Rome to Monte Carlo, and ports in Spain and Portugal.  My intention is to write about some of our adventures along the way if the readership is interested.  Until next time, La Dolce Vita!” Wow, and I told someone she was going on vacation to Pennsylvania!  Have a wonderful time Carolyn; I have always wanted to see Monte Carlo, so please send me a postcard!  The photo below is by resident artist, Cory Dudley and it’s of his  latest wall hanging.  Photo by Cory Dudley, Jr.

Cory Dudley, tennis pro at El Dorado and Campo Ocotillo resident artist, has been at it again.  He makes these head dresses from his shop at his home and they are absolutely beautiful.  I’ve known Cory for many years and as well as being an artist, he’s also a writer.  It amazes me how many talented people we have in San Felipe, whether it be artists, musicians, writers or wood carvers (who in my opinion, are also artists) singers and dancers.  You can see a lot of Cory’s work at El Minuto Restaurant (and also have a wonderful meal while you’re at it) which is on the street directly north of the liquor store near the Red Lobster.  As a matter of fact, it’s right next door to the hotel’s annex.  They are only open until 2:00 p.m. and usually have fantastic Caldo de Res and other homemade Mexican dishes.  Cory also donated a lot of animals he made and painted to the Martha Von Glumer kindergarten.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything about Cory selling one of his head dresses for $150.00 but if so, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.  These are wall hangings that Cory made with real bear claws.  Pretty cool – wonder if he shot the bear too.  Photos by Cory Dudley, Sr.

From Sandi “Babs” Flannigan inviting everyone to Denny’s Halloween Bash:  “Please join us for a “howling” good time.  As you know, seating is limited so get your tickets early.   Tickets available at Rumors. The Hours for Rumors Are:  Mon & Tues 12 – 8, Closed Wed, Thurs – Sat 12 – 10 & Sun 10 – 6.”  This is Denny’s sixth year presenting his Halloween bash and it’s a lot of fun.  The year they held it at the now closed “Latin Gardens” was a blast and you wouldn’t believe the costumes people put together.  I went as a cheerleader, but I had to run around to other parties and take photos, so I didn’t get to spend the entire evening there, but the best costume (and there were many) was South Beach Karen and Dan as Elvis and Michael Jackson.  They both love to dance, so it was a hoot.  Anyhoo, get your tickets early because they fill up fast.  You can read the particulars on the poster below, which you may also make bigger by clicking on it.  (P.S. to SF – I tried calling your American cell today and couldn’t get through).

I’m pretty stoked about writing my new “Dear Kat” column for the San Felipe Newsletter.  I’ve already received five emails (these are real ones) but as Seaside Susie pointed out, I put the wrong address in one of my postings, so if you want to have some fun and a few chuckles, write to queridakat@gmail.com with any problems you need help solving.  For example, my husband said he was going to write to ask what he should do about his wife’s snoring.  I hope he does because I’ve got a great answer for him.  It’s a little bit of advice but mostly my jaded sense of humor.  Just remember, no legal advice, political or police problems, unless you’re married to one!  Photo by Cory Dudly, Sr.

This morning is the Rotary meeting, held at the Barefoot Bar at the El Cortez Hotel.  Wednesday, the San Felipe Association of Retired Persosns, or SFARP begin their first meeting of the season at the Lodge at Campo Ocotillos.  Please be courteous of the residents, and follow the speed signs.  Visitors are welcome and after a meeting or two, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to join.  They have a variety of activities throughout the season and I believe Freda Barber is still the President.  She and Bruce Barber have been active in SFARP and other community endeavors for many years.  Wednesday is also Las Amigas Welcome Back Party and I understand Sandy Kato is the current President.  Sandy has been very active in the community as well as activities coordinator for El Dorado Ranch.  I just got my Las Amigas calendar and it’s really nice.  You can still buy one and they go through December 2012.  Call Sandy at 576-0072 to find out where to buy your calendar.  The 6th annual El Dorado Charity Golf Tournament sponsored by the Universal Golf Foundation will be held  October  21 and 22 beginning at 7:00 a.m. If it’s still on, there will be a car show on Saturday.  The first year, it was held at the baseball field, but last year, I think it was on the Malécon.  Speaking of which, the Sweet Spot will also be having a Halloween party.  Lots to do during the rest of the month.

LOS ANGELES—Reality TV star Jesse James has received the first starting position during Saturday’s drawing for November’s 44th running of the legendary Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert race. While James, who lives in Austin, Texas, will pilot his No. 54 Chevy Silverado SCORE Trophy Truck, starting first among the motorcycle and ATV classes will be Craig Bowman on a Honda CRF450X.  This year’s internationally televised granddaddy of all desert races, the mammoth finale of the five-race 2011 SCORE Desert Series will be a loop race starting and finishing in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, with race week festivities scheduled for Nov. 17-20.  A solid total of 202 vehicles officially entered in time for Saturday’s drawing held at SCORE International’s headquarters in Los Angeles. The race itself starts on Friday, Nov. 18 and official entry forms are available online along with all pertinent race information and prerunning rules on the SCORE website at www.score-international.com.  This is the Baja Mil and it ends in La Paz.  I’ll post the map as we get closer to it, so you can see where it comes near San Felipe.  Most people go over to Ensenada for the start of the race, as it’s party hardy during race week in that seaside town.  If you were in San Felipe a couple of years ago for the Baja 250, the now divorced Jesse James was in town with Julia Roberts and they stayed at the Marina Hotel.  My husband was telling me about a horrible Nascar wreck today, where one driver was killed and about fifteen cars were involved.

Enjoy the lovely weather we’re having right now and if you’re planning a trip down to San Felipe, October is a great month.  It’s still warm but without the humidity and you’ll be safe.  The roads are still being worked on, but they have limited the long stretches of detours, so it’s a straight shot down after you cross the border at Mexicali.  Thanks for reading my little Korner of the world.

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  1. Brian

    The race wreck this weekend was with the Indy car race at Las Vegas speedway. Not NASCAR. The Baja 1000 runs thru San Felipe counter clockwise ( the San Felipe 250 map backwards), and continues back to Ensenada for the finish. Expects bikes early afternoon, cars and trucks early evening and all night long.

    • Kat

      Well, that’s what I get for listening to the husband. Thanks for the clarification and the scoop on the Baja 1000.

  2. Andy

    Hi Kat – Jesse James was in town with his wife at that moment – Sandra Bullock – not Julia Roberts. – Andy

    • Kat

      I know – but as I said before, I always get those two mixed up!! Thanks for writing.

  3. Sam Grubb

    You writ purdy good 2 Kat. Luv yer colum.

    • Linda Martinez

      I replied

    • Kat

      Gee schucks, thanx Sam!

  4. Jan

    Jessie James stayed at the Marina with his wife Sandra Bullock, not Julia Roberts. So this is how the infamous San Felipe Rumors get started!!!

    Thanks again for starting my mornings at work with the SF news.

    • Kat

      I always get those two mixed up – thanks for the clarification.

  5. Susan

    Hi Kat,
    Thanks for posting our flyer for the Fall Harvest Fashion Show at the Pavilion (Oct 26th). Just wanted to remind folks that they only have about a week to get their tickets. We have some great items donated for the silent auction and door prizes and Carole’s going to be showing the latest designs from Mexico Lindo with jewelry from Aloha Lani and the Lia Sophia collection.

    All proceeds from the luncheon and auction are going to Volunteers Without Limits food bank and aid to children with disabilities.

    Thank you for your support!

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