15 November 2011 – Tuesday


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I didn’t go to rehearsal because I have a cold in my head; one of those ‘fall going into winter’ type of colds where your nose runs and your head hurts.  The only problem with this type of cold is the lack of free flowing blood cells to the brain (self-diagnosis) is causing me to keep nodding off, rather than concentrate on writing.   I’m already considering calling in sick at the bat cave, even though they frown upon it.  Whatever; I gots a code in my head!  Photo by Kat.

Now, I’m not sure if Club Las Amigas still has their calendars for sale, but if they do, you may want to get one.  Connie worked very hard over the summer putting it together and what better cause than helping to educate a young San Felipe student.  I like mine because there’s a listing of events of the Rotary, Lions, Charity, El Dorado and SFARP listed as well and a handy contact listing page of the advertisers as well as a page for church services in English and contacts for charity groups with meeting times and places.  You can reach Connie at 686-577-3009 to see if they’ve sold out yet, as they went like hotcakes last year.  I’ve decided I’m going to post a photo on each column of old friends and residents who have gone onto to the big Baja in the sky.  Rest in Peace Kenny!

I see we had a high of 74 F yesterday and a low of 58 F in San Felipe.  Shawnee tells me it’s a beautiful day today in San Felipe.  Tony’s news page has an explanation of the road construction in Mexicali and also a thorough analysis of the rain storm expected this weekend.  It certainly is going to make any detours on dirt roads a bit tricky but one thing about rain in San Felipe – it dries up quickly as it’s soaked up into the humidity and sand.  Of course, then the hot sun dries it hard as a rock, so I suppose you just can’t win.  If you’re going to Ensenda for the race, I would suggest you go the long way – just in case there is a storm up in the mountains.  By long way, I mean down 8 to San Diego to the border there and straight down to Ensenada.  There are a few benefits to rain in San Felipe especially if you’ve just built a home or put a new roof on.  Not that anyone wants to find out their roof leaks, but at least you know.  The rain also packs the dust and sand down and seems to clear the air.  If you have a lot of trees and plants in your yard, they will get a good drenching.  I just hope we don’t have the damage we did from the last rain storm; I understand some are still cleaning up that mess.  You can read about the road construction and weather forecast by clicking herePhoto by Sybil Stanton.

Today is the first day of the first workshop of the season for Desert Mothers and you may not have time to get in on it but it never hurts to ask.  They are making fused glass jewelry and Donna tells me you’ll be able to carry home your finished product(s) as they have a kiln at the shop.  Stop by and check it out for yourself.  They are on Mar de Cortez (Curio Street) next to Chumpos.  I first thought they were going into the old bookstore shop, but I was wrong.  I’m pretty sure they’ll let you watch the instructors and students at work to see for yourself what they’re making.  Then, if you like what you see, you can sign up for the next one, which is December 15, 2010.  You’ll learn to make Homage Art Sticks.  I’m sure you’re asking yourself what is the hell are those or what in the heck are those, so I’m going to tell you.  It’s a special piece of art you make to pay homage to a person who has affected your life in a positive manner.  You can keep it for yourself, or give it to the person you had in mind when you made it.  Sounds kind of cool and this workshop is only $40.00.  Drop on by and tell them Catalina sent you! If they throw you out; leave and go back in and say “Catalina didn’t send me” and they’ll be sure to allow you in.  This is a photo of the very first workshop held out on the highway, and that’s Hop-a-Long on his knees, I think proposing to Irene.

Check out the tall grass in the background of the photo, although I’ve cropped it again to show mostly the grass.  It’s the same grass (can’t remember the actual name of it) that grows in San Felipe – that with the different forms of cacti I’ve seen here – makes one wonder how that can happen with the below zero temperatures that are sure to hit little old Newton and yet these desert plants live through it and you’d never know they were frozen at one time.  The wonders of the world and how did they get here and how do they survive?

This year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 course travels from Ensenada east through Ojos Negros, down Laguna Salada to San Felipe, down through the three legendary washes of Matomi, Huatomote and Chanate, joining familiar routes to the six-mile turnoff before Mike’s Sky Ranch, heading over to the Pacific Coast crossing Highway 1 near San Vicente and to Erendira, then through Santo Tomas, Uruapan and back to Ojos Negros, covering much of the northern half of the majestic Baja California peninsula to and from Ensenada.  If you can’t make it to the actual race, they will be live streaming it here and here.  Also, Thursday is when the town of Ensenada is packed and there are a lot of parties in the streets and major excitement.  You can always drive back to San Felipe to see them come through at a couple of different places.  It just depends how far you want to drive and how late you want to be out in the desert.  A lot of people camp out in groups.  If you cannot make it south of the border to attend this year’s Baja 1000, live tracking of all the competitors will be available online through IRC at www.racetheworld.net or through up-to-the-minute updates via RDC at www.race-dezert.com. The live “Weatherman” radio feed will also be broadcast on RDC so you can hear all the action while following the competitors on-line.  They always go to a different channel when there’s an accident, which makes sense and a little trivia.  Years ago, we had a group contact us at the Net who wanted to live stream the race so they put up an antenna and left their equipment in the Net over the weekend, so I can safely say, we had the first live streaming in San Felipe from The Net.  Oh, the good old days.  This is a photo of the sunrise from my old lot at Campo Ocotillos and I know exactly the spot where it was taken from.  Beautiful!  Photo by Sybil Stanton.

This I received from Debbi Moore – she and her husband started the shoe box Christmas event in San Felipe a few years back.  Debbi and Dale have a home in El Dorado Ranch, but the failing health of her father has kept her in Canada, although her heart’s still in San Felipe.  “Hi Kat, been thinking about what to do to bring tourism to San Felipe and I want to run this past you because you are the go to person as far as I am concerned. Would a sand sculpture contest be a good thing? I was reading on a web site this morning, about contests all over the world and there is not one in Mexico that I could see. First off, it would have to be done during a time when the tides are at an extreme low and it would have to be on a protected stretch of beach so the sculptures would not be disturbed. We have so much sand and sunshine, why wouldn’t this work? Let me know what you think ok?  I think it’s a great idea; we just need a spot and a time when/where the tide is way out.  Photo by Sybil Santon.

“And I have been thinking that maybe a dog show at the Swap Meet – might be a fun way to raise money for VIVA. I thought about it in the spring and mentioned it to Kay Gabbard and she thought it might be fun. Now that there are more people involved in helping the dogs, it just might work. I am thinking folks would pay a few bucks to enter their pooch in the show, get a small prize of some sort and the proceeds go to VIVA. I am thinking if I can contact a dog food company and get sample packs of food or dog treats, that would be a good prize. People take their dogs to the swap meet anyway so why not make some money for the poochies at the same time. Hope this finds you happy kiddo. I can not wait to get back to SF.”  I think these are two great ideas so if anyone knows how to pull off the sand sculpture event with our high tides, please let us know.  The contest for dogs would be a hoot and also raise money for VIVA.  Put your thinking caps on and let us know.  The first year we did the Christmas boxes, the Net was packed with stuff and each week, Deb and her husband, Dale would come and pick them up.  There are going to be a lot of groups this year collecting toys and money for the poor.  The Pavillion usually puts on a big Christmas party for the children of their employees; the El Cortez Hotel has a wonderful present giveaway, which was started by one of the sons of the brothers – I think it’s the son of Alex but I’ll have to look.  They give away great gifts donated by sponsors and these are for poor kids in San Felipe and it’s held in front of the hotel.  The Lions Club collects and distributes toys and numerous others just do it on their own.  Kay Gabbard and the Rotary take care of the elderly poor and they (or Kay) will have a list of items for their boxes.  More on that as the time nears but remember those less fortunate than we are and it’s always better to give than it is to receive, unless you’re hungry and poor like a lot of families this time of year.  Think about the food bank too, as I’m sure they’ll be giving way food for the holidays – at least I hope they have enough donated so they can.  Contact Susan Young for information on their plans.  This photo was more than likely taken by Pierre, the esposo of Sybil, but since she sent them, I’ve giving her photo credit.  Check out the size of those famous San Felipe Blue Shrimp.  Photo by Sybil Stanton.

Shawnee Bowden has become San Felipe’s first woman volunteer fireman.  I told her I tried to do that about ten years ago and as I told Shawnee, we’ve progressed much more since then and congratulations Shawnee!  Next posting I will display photos of Cory Dudley’s newest carvings and being in the “Cardinal” state, it’s especially nice.  So stay tuned – I will be back with more news, ramblings and photos.  Thanks for reading Kat’s Korner.  Photo of Sybil by Pierre.

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  1. Alene Leubner

    Your web site won’t show up appropriately on my blackberry – you might want to try and repair that

  2. Julie Willis

    Both the Sand Sculpture and the Dog Show are great ideas. I wish I had the time to organize one of them, but unfortunately I still have to work. I will definitely enter my Brandy in the Dog Show.

  3. Jan

    A dog show at the swap meet sounds like fun, but how about this idea 🙂
    Why doesn’t VIVA set up an area at the swap meet with all of the available adoptable dogs/puppies looking for homes? With the “babies” in foster homes located all over San Felipe, this could be an opportunity to see all the adoptable dogs at one location? Just a thought, but I know I would be very tempted to bring home another “purebred baja” dog.

    • Carole

      Hi VIVA does set up at The Swapmeet -next to The Rotary RV No we were not there last Saturday as we were all too exhausted after The Hoedown but we do have albums of doggies waiting to be adopted and we will make a point of having some of the dogs there in future or go to our website http://www.myvivasf.com Thank you for the suggestion -we will work on the DOG SHOW

  4. Sybil Stanton

    Private comment.

  5. Susan Young

    Hi Kat,
    You were right about the location of the new Desert Mother’s Art Center and workshops. They are in the former San Felipe Title Co bookstore building and it is a couple of doors down from Chumpo’s.

    I love Debbi’s idea about the San Sculpture competition. If anyone has experience in this type of event, please have them contact me at vsl.vwl@gmail.com.

    Your pictures show up really well in this new format!
    Best regards,

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