11 January 2012 – Wednesday


January 11, 2012The Korner3 Comments

“Hump Day” once again and only two more days until the weekend.  At least the college football games are over but I’m sure there’s more sports on its way.  Just a quick correction on the SFARP fashion show: “Sorry Kat for the incorrect date for SFARP’S Senior Sunday and Fashion show it is scheduled for Sunday March 12th NOT April 12th -my fault.”  Thank you Carole for letting me know.  The event is far enough away that a simple eraser to the calendar should take care of any conflicts.  Tonight at La Vaquita Restaurante in the hood, they are having their “Dollar Night” with items (no shrimp) like this: fish; chiles rellenos; rice pudding & more!  Draft beer and dollar margaritas.” Specials are served from 5 to 7:00 p.m.  You can also order off the menu, but not for $1.00!  Speaking of your “social calendars” as I like to refer to them (since about five seconds ago) this is an event happening on January 30, which is really only 19 days away.  On Monday, January 30, VIVA will be sponsoring a huge shoe and boot sale at the Pavillion  beginning at 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  After this affair, it moves to Rumors Bar and Grill at 7:00 for the after party with Tootie and the Girls.  Lunch will be served with $1.00 specials noon to 1:00 p.m.

I believe these are the shoes Zapp used to sell on E-Bay for the benefit of the animals.  Tootie and the Girls are performing “Kinky Boots” for everyone and a big, huge thank you to Carole Kinaby, our DogMistress, Sandi Flannigan and all the others who stood up to the plate and took over fundraising for our four legged friends.  I just spent the last thirty minutes trying to find my iPhoto program.  I was backing up my hard drive and I wrongly assumed it would back up the program, but it didn’t, so I’ve downloaded three different versions and none of them will load.  So, until I get that fixed, I won’t be able to post photos I’ve taken.  Bummer!  Oh well, I’ll get it fixed; just can’t do it this morning.

Wow, I can’t believe the weather here the last couple of days.  Although it’s chilly, it’s been sunny and clear but not for long.  It’s supposed to be 20 F on Thursday.  It pains me just to type that.  A high of 65 F in San Felipe is a bit chilly too, but it’s still nice and warmer weather is just around the corner.

Not much going on this week, although Las Amigias is having a shingdig for members only.  It’s getting late this morning and I have to take my morning bath and get to the bat cave.  Had I not spent so much time downloading useless programs, I would have had more time to write.  So, if you’d like to read more, you’ll have to stop by tomorrow.  Hopefully, I’ll have my iPhoto problem fixed and I can get my photos off of my iPhone.  I am about “i’d” out.  I do have a dentist appointment today at 2:00, which I’m considering canceling.  Okay, sorry for such a short posting, but time flies and all that.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Fillup

    Wonderful place to dine & entertain.

  2. Julie Willis

    Enjoyed dollar night at La Vaquita. They had a terrific new singer performing. Don’t know anything about him, personally, but he really was fantastic. He did a great rendition of New York, New York, which I cannot stand, but actually enjoyed it tonight.

  3. david thacker carter

    Hola Kat: Just in case you haven’t heard, the road to the north is open ALL THE WAY UP!!! Take care, DAVID

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