23 January 2012 – Monday


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Here were are with another manic Monday although I hear this past weekend was a lot of fun, especially with the “homecoming” of Nan and Mac at Karaoke at Rumors.  I understand they had a packed house and the owner of Rumors, Jeanne, had left this comment: “Yep…the News about our Entertainment Schedule at Rumors IS Correct! We’re very happy to Welcome Back Mac n Nan for Karaoke, starting THIS Saturday the 21st! They will be at Rumors on Tuesday (Nan’s Line Dance Class @ 4:30) & Saturday Nights from 6 – 10! THIS Friday, the 20th 2 AM Band will be joining us to Kick Off their move to Rumors, from 6 – 10, then Thursday Nights starting next week! We are excited to have them in the house! Denny Flannigan will be performing on Friday Nights and will host this season’s first “Name That Tune”.  I’m very happy to hear we’ve got Name that Tun back!  On Friday nights in town, The Baja Boys are at La Vaquita Restaurante, some times featuring our own Sam Grubb, singing songs from his album, which I’ve already told you is for sale for a song and all funds go towards helping the animals.

It looks like the federal government in Mexico has taken an interest in Baja California to help us with out economy.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon was in Tijuana Friday, where he signed a decree eliminating import duties on 200 products.  “In an action aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Baja California region, President Felipe Calderón came to Tijuana on Friday and launched the Strategic Economic Zone by eliminating import duties on 200 products.  The move comes after years of clamor from the state’s business and political leaders. They have argued that Baja California businesses lose many Mexican consumers who are enticed across the border to stores with greater variety and lower prices.  “This will allow Mexican businesses to offer imported products at much more attractive prices, and this way we will fortify economic activity and generate more jobs for our people,” Calderón said during an outdoor ceremony held just yards from the San Ysidro border crossing.”  They don’t expect everyone will stop crossing the border to shop, but it’s a start at lowering taxes to bring in the goods to sell in Mexico, thereby lowering the price to the consumer.  You can read more here.

From Val Domer: “Project Help Mexico… Elvira our poolside server at Palapa lost her home & all belongings in a Saturday night house fire. A family of 8 now in need. Friends of El Dorado on Monday from 11 to 2 bring donations of blankets, towels, sheets, kitchen items, dry food to the pool. Carlton & Andy will load the Suzuki. Let us rebuild a home for Elvira. You can make a tax deductible online donation at the charity I manage .. www.projecthelpmexico.com – my plan is to swing hammers together to build a 2x 4 framed home with stucco finish.. Cost $7000. Plus our muscle… We can do this El Dorado.. A March 20th build.. A new home for Elvira for Easter!!!! Dios te bendiga y Help!!!!”  Having lost everything in a house fire, I know what it feels like and it’s not good.  If you can’t help physically, you can help out financially.  Check out the web page to see how you can help.

Something to put on your calendar for next month at The Sweet Spot on the Malécon.  Valentines Sunday brunch February 12, 2012 from 10 am- 1 pm.  $130 m.n.   Sadie Hawkins dance & dinner on February 25, 2012 beginning at 5 pm.  Pre sale: $130 m.n. / at the door: $150  pesos.  Bring the family and join us for a good time.   Gracias, Stephanie 686-577-6366 thesweetspotsf@yahoo.com.

Before you flip the page on your calendar to February, don’t forget about the fund raiser for VIVA (our new/old/joined together dog rescue) being held on January 30 (next Monday) beginning at 11:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Tootie and the Girls will be here again, and Carole tells me they have over 400 pair of shoes for sale, all of which benefit the animals of San Felipe.

I haven’t heard how The first Club de Pesca-Punta Estrella27 km beach run/walk which was to be held on Saturday 21st. January 2012.  If anyone joined in or has photos, please send one along.  This was the first of what we hope will become an annual event, so I hope it went well.  If you’re interested in a Caras de Mexico golf pass, you can get accurate information on how to buy one from here:  www.edrgolf.blogspot.com – rather than receive misinformation, this site should answer all your questions.

Happy Birthday to Kay Gabbard, who turned 73 last week.  For those of you who don’t know Kay, she has done more civic work in San Felipe than any other person I know.  She and her late husband, Bill, were very active with the school children, Kay being a retired teacher and Bill a retired school counselor, spent many hours raising money to renovate the dilapidated schools throughout San Felipe.  I wish you the best in your 73rd year and congrats on the grandson!

From Uria Amor of Amor Properties: “Hello English speaking community for Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and all.  On Monday, Jan 23ed at 6:00pm at the church, Enrique Monsalve who is an English speaking Healer and Catholic Evangelist. Uses the Power of the Holy Spirit to heal. He has study in the US at Berkley, CA. and also in Utah. I’m told that  in his gatherings the Holy spirit works through him and many healing happen. This is the first time we have ever had something like this in English at our Church. I’m excited about it and hope to See you all there.  Please spread the word and bring your friends. All are invited and Welcome, you do not need to be Catholic to attend.  Enrique will be here in San Felipe 23 to 27, on the 23rd its all in English for us and on the other nights he will present  in Spanish. you could attend the other nights too and if  you have a question or are receiving a healing he will speak with you in English.  Reminders:  Bible study at 4:00 every Sat with Padre Efren and Ben in the church class rooms.  Pray the Rosary every Wed at 4:00 with Uria and Catholic school children via the Internet at  http://radioguadalupana.listen2myradio.com – Thank You and God Bless, Uria.”

Well, it’s time to jump in the shower/tub and get ready to start my Monday’s journey.  Have yourselves a wonderful day and I’ll be back tomorrow.
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  1. Old desert rat

    what is m.n.??

    “February 12, 2012 from 10 am- 1 pm. $130 m.n.”

    • Kat

      Moneda nacional – National Money (of Mexico)or Peso.

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