13 February 2012 – Monday


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Another manic Monday and today really is the Las Amgias Fashion Show out at the Pavillion beginning at noon.  Remember, all proceeds go towards scholarships and even the Las Amgians buy tickets to all the events they volunteer for or attend.  Good cause.  Thank you Sam and Carolyn for your great stories Saturday and Sunday.  Ken Buckley sent me this link to a video about San Felipe.  You can click here to see it.  It’s one of a series of videos being produced for the Secretary of Tourism’s office.  It’s not just for San Felipe, but it’s nice to see we were included.  So many times, we are unfortunately left out of or passed over, so kudos to the Secretary of Tourism.  (I believe it’s the same link posted before, but check to make sure).  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and there are many places you can get your sweetie a gift.  People’s Gallery has very unique, one of a kind jewelry and other gifts priced reasonably.  Next door, One of a Kind Fashions has all kinds of cool things for gifts for your valentine.  Diane Pilato’s shop up on Mar Caribe “Sea and Sand” has a lot of very unique gifts for women (gift certificate for a massage) and men.  Or, stop by Desert Mother’s shop for a hand made gift.  There’s plenty to choose from besides flowers and candy and please shop locally if you can as it certainly helps the local economy.  That’s kind of cool about the new linen shop opening up.  I’ll keep you posted.  The photos I’m posting today are reasons why you should be in San Felipe, except check out the blue and pink around the odd shaped cloud.   Photos by Kat.

Don’t forget about the Desert Mother’s workshop coming up on Thursday.  They need at least four more people to sign up and take the class or they’ll have to cancel it and that’s not fair to the people who want to take it plus it’s for a good cause.  From Donna Roberts: “But here are the great things happening. 1.  Bruce and Freida Barber gave us a very generous donation.  2. Ron and Marilyn Dole helped us finish up many projects They have given Desert Mothers so much and taught us so much.   3.  Maggie Moon, Vicki Rama, Kuchie and Debbie DeVol  (La Bonte) have worked day and night teaching the women new skills  and helping create a new inventory.  The last thing is today at the flee market; we sold all of our food and people were raving about how good it was.  One women even asked if the women would cook for a party she wants to give.  So my dear friend, things are getting better.  I am holding my breath to see how things go at Rumors tomorrow , and how people react to all the new things.  Kat the women are becoming truly Artists and pretty good if I say so myself.  I am the proudest of the women of D.M. they once again worked from early morning until late at night every day finishing up the new pieces.   I still need more people in our Recycling Art class on Feb. 18.  If we do not get 4 more we will have to cancel, and it is a wonderful class.  You do not need  ART SKILLS to take this class and as always you will meet some great people.   Please people come buy the story and meet the wonderful women who are in D.M. and join our classes each week to learn many skills. Only five dollars a hour for anyone who has taken classes from us or 7.50 for new comers. Again we teach Clay, Mosaics and Metal work, bring your friends or make new ones.   Last of all people of S.F. we are doing everything we can think of to stay a float, but we really need your help please support us.  Thank-you Donna Roberts 576-0089 or 686-169-5267.  Great news and where on God’s green earth can you attend an art workshop so cheaply.  Shoot, I forgot to mention they are serving food at the Cachanilla Swap Meet on Saturday mornings.  Home made Mexican flare.  Support our Desert Mothers!

It may seem like I am always writing about fundraisers all the time, and I do quite a bit.  But one aspect of joining in an effort to help the less fortunate, you also put yourself in a position whereby you can meet people who live in the south beaches; people who live in the ejido; people who don’t live here, but help out when when come down for vacations.  It’s a good way to socialize and joining in on the difference civic groups’ functions, is a way to help the entire community in their combined efforts to give the poor eye glasses; shoes, education and much more.  But you can always meet people who have the same goal as you do and still meet new people.  You may find yourself attending functions in the south beaches or going to a small restaurant in the hood you’ve never been to.  It’s also a way to belong to your community – not just your gated community – but the community as a whole, whether it be Mexican, American, Canadian, Cuban or even folks from the Valley (just kidding).   I remember when I worked in Beverly Hills about 30 years ago, if you asked for an ashtray at a Beverly Hills bar, they would always say “sure, as long as it doesn’t end up in the Valley.”  Of course, then we had the Valley Girls and their vernacular make this entire conversation “like, totally stupid.”  Photo of me by Kat.

In case you’re wondering, I’m wearing a long sleeved t-shirt; a sweater, a fleece vest and a leather bomber jacket, out at the railroad tracks on a smoke break.  The look on my face shows you how much I love the weather and how jealous I am that I’m not in an Felipe yet.  I certainly hope they had a good crowd at Rumors for the arts and crafts event.  I’m sure I’ll hear about it and so will you.  Race fans:  “The green flag will drop at 6 a.m. on Saturday, March 10, for the motorcycle and ATV classes, followed three hours after the last Sportsman ATV later by the car and truck classes at approximately 10 a.m. The start line and finish line for the race is scheduled to once again be the landmark San Felipe Arches on Highway 5 on the outskirts of San Felipe. One vehicle will start every 30 seconds in the elapsed-time race, with an 11-hour time limit to become an official finisher.  Following January’s season-opening two rounds of the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Series will be visiting Mexico for the first of its three annual SCORE Baja races.”  More info here.  News release provided by Dominic Clark, Score’s media man.  Photo by Kat.

Rich Lueck wrote again to make sure he sent along the places where you can pick up your registration forms for the Cancer Walk.  “Registration forms can be picked up and dropped off at the Cachnilla on Saturday mornings, The Salt Store at the Plazita, from Juanita at The Wash Tub and naturally at the Cancer Center on the airport road.”  I will also post the one I put up last week and you can make it bigger and print it out or pick one up at the places listed above.  Remember, let’s try and gets some competition going and get some sponsors to donate.

This information was provided by Warren Sundquist of TSFG and it may be part of the same video I posted above, but maybe not. “KPBS San Diego’s public broadcast station has a series of Videos called Crossing South.  They feature Tijuana, Valley Do Guadalupe, Ensenada, Rosarito Bide Race and San Felipe.  The San Felipe part is about 10 minutes of the video and Tecate is the other 16 minutes.  Each video is 26 minutes long.  Here is the URL for the San Felipe Video that features the stuff bellow for those who want to download it, have dinner and then hit replay to watch:  Click here.  [Shown in the video are: Bill at Rumors; Valley of the Giants; El Dorado Golf Course w/Benny King & Golfers: Jerry, Sam and Patrick; and Pat Butler.”  I just watched it and Sam Grugg is in it, but I see no “Bill”.  It’s okay, but they should have shown more than just La Hacienda and El Dorado Ranch.  Oh well, I guess we’re lucky we got the ten minutes of fame.  I favor my Walk Abouts any time!  Any one interested in a hand carved Walrus cribbage board, drop me a comment.  It’s Alaskan and for sale.

The following was sent out by the State Secretary of Tourism’s Office, loosely translated:  “Dear friends of the Tourism Sector:  By this means we share the links to access the following notes and articles that will speak well of Baja California:  First report of the conference held in Santa Clarita, California, by Chef Anthony Bourdain, who recently made ​​the recordings of “No Reservations” in Baja California, described this state as “the new Tuscany”.  Also included is an article published by the portal JohnnyJet.com, same has 100,000 subscribers, on the Wine Route between Tecate and Ensenada as well as one published by the New York Times, which states that Tijuana today is safer than in previous years.  Receive a warm greeting.  State Secretary of Tourism.


Anthony Bourdain: Baja is the new Tuscany
“Tijuana and Ensenada — there’s some awesome shit going on down there right now.”
Nota Completa: http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/2012/02/anthony_bourdain_grandma_rule.php


Weekend Getaway: Baja’s Tecate and Guadalupe Valley
As I veered off Interstate 5 onto highway 94 towards Tecate and the Mexican border, I found myself humming James Taylor’s “Oh, Mexico.” Although LA’s January this year has had more than its share of 80-degree weather, I had a bad case of the post-holiday blues that I hoped to chase away with a weekend in Tecate and the Guadalupe Valley, two lesser known gems of Baja California.
Nota Completa: http://www.johnnyjet.com/2012/02/weekend-getaway-bajas-tecate-and-guadalupe-valley/


Tijuana Journal
A Cultural Clash Over the Bad Old Days
TIJUANA, Mexico — Men and women, young and old, all walk slowly now by the empty lot at Eighth and Constitución. Everyone stares. Some stop. Many point or shake their heads with surprise.

 “It’s really gone, wow, La Ocho,” they say, referring to the old, wretched jail where drunk Americans and hardened Mexican criminals huddled behind bars amid the stench of vomit and corruption. But was the demolition, which took place last month, good or bad for Tijuana?
Nota Completa: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/09/world/americas/a-cultural-clash-over-the-bad-old-days-in-tijuana.html?_r=2&scp=1&sq=Tijuana&st=cse


Anthony Bourdain in Baja California

I know all this is a lot to digest on a Monday morning, especially if you’re enjoying a hot cup of coffee and reading my column.  There are a lot of things I’d love to talk about, but I have to wait a little bit and then I’ll spill my guts.  By the way, anyone interested in buying the domain, SanfelipeTequilaFestival.com, it will be available in five days to purchase from Go-Daddy, whom I won’t do business with again.  You can probably get the domain fairly cheaply, but the web page doesn’t go with it and it’s pretty.  You can see it here.  Let us know if you’re interested in the web page.

Please put this on your calendar:  The “VIVA Sunday Champagne  Brunch Buffet” is set for February 19 at the Los Arcos Restaurant and I understand they are going to have a feast and the proceeds go to help our furry four legged friends.  Try and make it and show your support for this great group of folks who make up VIVA.  There are no paid employees; it’s completely volunteer and San Felipe has a lot of dogs to take care of (oh, and cats too).   Personally, I don’t trust cats.  We had a Tabby when I was a kid and I swear, it would bit our throats while we were sleeping and if you tried to get under the covers it still tried to get to your throat.  My dad finally took it for a ride and it never came back.  I assumed it was going to the dog pound, but I doubt it; it was a Sunday.  Not to change the subject, but I was reading about the new WiMax speeds, which I was also informed aren’t as fast as I had thought.  At any rate, the scoop is that everyone seems to have the same speed at this time, but after all the installations are made, you can call Telnor or go there and get your speed raised.  I just took a test from the link provided and my speed is upload at 1.45 Mbps and 14.7 Mbps download and I’m streaming a movie.  Someone from the forum with the new WiMax took a test and these are his results:  90 ms Ping, download of 1.25 and upload of .30.  Don’t hate me because I have high speed!! Just be patient and soon you will too. Of course, I don’t have to rub it in either, now do I.  Okay, Paul from the ranch and also TSFG wrote this regarding WiMax and it may answer a few of your questions as to when you’ll get it and thanks Paul: “I just checked [with Telnor].  There are two install lists for sure.  * The first list is for persons who have Phone & Prodigy Aire and were paying for both.  *The second list is for persons who have Prodigy Aire, but were getting it free, but were paying for phone. These persons have phone service, but that does not count for Wimax installs.  The first list will have Wimax instralled first The second list has many more persons on it will start getting the install later. The gal in the office said the second list probably will not get Wimax until summer.  * So I suspect there is a third list for persons who have no Telnor service and they will be the last ones to have Wimax installation. I neglected to ask about the third list if it exists.  So that is what I know.  Paul W.”  Thank you Paul for some very good info.

Before I close, I just had to post this, found in a Google Alert:  “A member of the Mississippi Legislature has proposed a bill to change the name of the Gulf of Mexico to “Gulf of America” — or at least the part of the Gulf that touches the beaches of that state.”  So, what will follow; countries where the Atlantic touches will want to change that part of the ocean to their name?  We have a lot of nuts as lawmakers as I believe there are much more important things to discuss or pass bills on.  Whatever.  I’m about out of battery, so I’m going to charge this up and finish it a little later (if I fall asleep, I’ll upload it in the morning).  It’s 2:14 a.m. so it’s Monday in San Felipe.  Let’s hope for a nice sunny day and a great fashion show with luncheon to help educate a child.  Thanks for stopping by.  Peace.

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  1. Cory Dudley

    At my age I don’t buy green bananas and you want me to download items on your site?
    I had hoped to have a faster ISP (Wi-Max) when last October they said, “Cory, you are twentieth on the list and we will start installing the new service in November.”
    I guess I should have asked, “Will that be this November or some November in the future?”
    64.2 degrees under crystal clear skies at 9:30 am.

  2. La Gitana Rasta

    . . . informative, as always, chica-amiga — thanks!!

    btw, that look on your face (are you STILL smoking those things?!?) says “brrrrrrr . . . ! when will you guyz be “in da neighborhood,” eh.



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