21 February 2012 – Tuesday


February 21, 2012The Korner1 Comment

Happy Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday and today is the last day of Carnival 2012.  I hear the crowds were pretty good, and we always manage to get a good local turnout.  Even though the location was moved because of the construction on the Malécon, it didn’t seem to phase anyone.  Photos by Anita.

St Patrick’s Day -VIVA is having a corn beef and cabbage feast at Rumors from 1-4 pm on Saturday, March 17th-Denny will be playing some Irish Tunes and ditties  and there will also be a patio shoe sale as well as some of our adorable puppies and doggies that are up for adoption present for you to pet  -Tickets are $12.00- Wear some green and come have some fun.  Mark that date on your calendars and help some little doggies.

Here’s a message from FounderDude, the man who hosts Mexico-My-Space.  If you join, you can place free classified ads throughout Mexico: “Hello to All! I wanted to thank everyone for Sunday. Why? On Saturday we had 14 visitors to the site. On Sunday we had 117. That was a great showing. We’re not doing as good today but we’re still doing better than Saturday.  If you haven’t heard Natasha James sing, “My Country Has the Blues” then do so the next time you go to the site. I moved the “Carnaval” video a few spaces down and I put Natasha at the top, center of the page. She’s been a member of Mexico-My Space for many years and I love her and the lady that invited her, Kat Hammontre.  Kat was 50% responsible for the name FounderDude.  Enjoy Natasha’s Songs. There is a link to a second song below the pictured video.  I also placed her photo in the left column below Michele Kinnon’s picture.  FounderDude, George P.  You can reach the site by clicking here.

There is still time to register for the 2012 San Felipe Cancer Walk.  You don’t want to miss being a part of this event.  I’ve got more on my mind which I will put to words tonight, but I must get to the bat cave for now.  Thank you Anita for the photos and thanks for stopping by.

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    hi kat,
    hope your back and neck are doing better when will u be able to go to mexico? do you have any idea how the tech will be affected for the 250?

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