24 February 2012 – Friday


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Once again, it’s Friday and that’s always a good day.  I am sad to report, although most people have probably already heard.  More sad news and a terrible loss for San Felipe.  Although I heard from three different people, this is from Sharon Monroe: “I just attended funeral for Olivia Siqueiros Arq.   What a Sad loss for San Felipe. She brought so much Love, Culture and education to this City and will be greatly missed.  My heart goes out to her two sons who also lost their father in July.  Sharon Monroe“.  Thank you Sharon for sharing that with us.  Olivia, I believe, is one of the people responsible for San Felipe having schools and the only high school.  Before Cobch, if you wanted to go to high school, you would have to go to Mexicali.  Bruce Barber tells me she taught for a year without pay when San Felipe had no schools.  She was also the head of Cobach until her retirement.  She worked tirelessly to better the lives of her community through education and she was an excellent architect.  There are many homes in and around San Felipe that were designed by Olivia.  She worked with Las Amigas pursuing their scholarships for students to enter Cobach and college.  She helped the San Felipe Players, our now defunct theater group and they in turn helped to build the outdoor theater at the school.  As Sharon stated, she will be missed and sincere condolences to her family, friends and former students.  I also just heard of another death in San Felipe.  Pam Korns, wife of Barry Korns passed away.  Barry was a dial-up member years ago at the Net and he lived in town during the summer months.  Again, sincere condolences to Barry, friends and family.  I’m almost afraid to open my email for fear of more bad news.

On a lighter note, here’s the line-up at Rumors as provided by Sandi “Babs” Flannigan:  Tonight, February 24 on the stage you’ll find Denny Flannigan on the Keyboards  ‘Just for the Fun of it’ beginning at 6:30.  Saturday, February 25 is Karaoke with Mac & Nan and their followers (not like in a cult; regulars would have been a better word.  The fun begins at 6 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and if you’re visiting San Felipe with your children, bring the whole family.  The same goes for Friday night with Denny.  It’s a restaurant and a bar, so minors are allowed and the kids love to dance too.  They used to have a ball (the entire families) during Name That Tune, which I certainly hope is back.  I think I heard a Rumor he would bring it back in March, but if I’m wrong, please leave a comment.  As long as I’m speaking of Rumors Beach Bar and Grill, you may as well save these dates on your calendar, just in case I space out putting it up.  On Tuesday, February 28 you can learn line dancing at Nan’s Line Dancing class from 4 to 6 p.m. and then
Karaoke with Mac & Nan from 6-10:00 p.m.  On February 29, you’ll find The Baja Boys there from 6-10 (they are also at La Vaquita Restaurant on Friday nights.  Last, but certainly not least, March 1 at Rumors, you can dance the evening away with 2AM Band from 6-10:00 p.m.

Thanks to Dis and Dat of the TSFG for not minding that I swiped his link.  Well, the truth be known, he doesn’t really know yet but it’s a good video of Baja Poco Cielo which is “a Hidden Gem, a 10 minute video of Baja with Peter Greenberg Worldwide. A very tasty video as the name implies,”  Thank you Del and here’s the link.

If you read yesterday’s story from Bruce Barber, then I am pleased to announce that we will be treated with great articles and stories from years of “roaming the Baja Deserts” as Time Magazine reported.  It will be “Wednesdays with Bruce Barber” and you’ll learn a lot about the Baja, San Felipe and surrounding spots to explore.  I’m pretty excited about it.  He will, however, have to join the San Felipe Writer’s and Margarita Drinkers Guild” as Sam OM and Baja Belle will tell you.  I am going to finish this in the morning because I’m literally falling asleep with my laptop on my lap and I’ve already dropped it for the very same reason, but on cement.

Dame Vickie Silva sent me a little poster of her announcement for the Art and Crafts Fair which I’m going to post as is.   “HERE WE GO AGAIN!  San Felipe Gift and Craft Show is being held March 4 at Rumors Bar and Grill at Playa De Oro.  They promise to be set up and ready to go at 9:45 a.m. and if you are a vendor, the cost is $10.00 per space. To reserve your spot contact Dame Vickie at vicirae99@yahoo.com.

The Illustrated Lady has sent some exciting news; “HOORAY WE FINALLY HAVE A NAME FOR THE NEW LINEN SHOPPE BED, BATH & MORE…IN SPANISH IT IS CAMAS, BANOS & MAS.  COME ON BY AND SEE ME ACROSS FROM CHUMPOS PIZZA AND ICE CREAM.  Stop by and take a look at their new shop, which I’m sure is decorated nicely.  Well, true to my word, I fell asleep last night when I signed off, so it is officially Friday and I couldn’t be happier.  If it were Christmas I could tell you we have a “white” one, but it’s almost March in Newton and it snowed last night.  However, the sun is still shining in San Felipe.  Agave Blues are at the Jollymon tonight and the Pizza joint is right next door, so if you want to eat while you’re out dancing, I hear they have pretty good pizza.

Rick Kelley, a soon to be retired visitor to San Felipe was down recently and wrote for some information, which I was glad to give and had this to say about Carnival: “Thanks for the info…. by the way, Carnival was great….. came back Wednesday morning; well attended, tons of locals, not too many gringos.  As usual, food and tequila was up to standards.  Thanks again.” We always love to hear feedback on our events, so thank you Rick.

More news from Dominic Clark, head honcho for media for Score: “Pre-running starts Saturday on reworked official race course for 26th MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250.  Over 250 cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs from 25 U.S. States, Course map for 248.64-mile race course, GPS files available on www.score-international.com.”  We should have a good crowd around town this weekend, as some of the racers bring their families for pre-racing.  The Baja 250 is a great race and a lot of fun.  If you’re marking your calendars, don’t forget to check off St. Patrick’s Day.  “St Patrick’s Day -VIVA is having a corn beef and cabbage feast at Rumors from 1-4pm on Saturday March 17th-Denny will be playing some Irish Tunes and ditties  and there will also be a patio shoe sale as well as some of our adorable puppies and doggies that are up for adoption present for you to pet  Tickets are $12.00- Wear some green and come have some fun.”

The Cancer Walk is fast approaching but you still have time to register.  You can register at the Arches tomorrow early if you haven’t already.  If you live in San Felipe and you’re not going on the walk because you’re unable to make the actual walk, you can always make a donation.  It’s a great cause.  Be sure and read March’s edition of the San Felipe News Letter where you’ll be treated to “Dear Kat”.  For some reason, I wrote over last month’s column when I saved it, so it was duplicated.  This month, you’ll see a brand new one. Okay, it’s time to close so I can get ready for a day at the bat cave.  Have a great weekend and stay tuned for Saturdays with Sam OM and Baja Belle’s Diaries on Sunday.  And, of course, Wednesdays with Bruce Barber.  They are all good reads.  Thanks for stopping by!

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