1 March 2012 – Thursday


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How nice to have made it over hump-leap day all in once piece.  I hope the Las Amigas Poker Run was a success.  It looks like “Wednesdays with Bruce Barber” is a hit and that’s a good thing.  I had told Bruce I thought there were quite a few new people who would be interested in his desert stories and he wrote this: “For those younger folks I suggest the impossible (although I did it). I.e., check out our local desert (the San Felipe from Highway 2 to Arroyo Matomi and from the Cortez to the “San Pedro”), then check out the Altar Desert (from The Cortez to the Pinacate and from the border to Penasco), and then check out the Pinacate (6000 square miles of impossible terrain including 600 volcanoes, cubic miles of seemingly impassible lava, and 11 awe-inspiring craters). About the only thing I didn’t do, Kat, was climb Picacho, although I have friends who did.  The “Altar”, by the way, is 40 miles wide by 100 miles of pure wind-blown sand. If you stop out there, your buggy ain’t gonna move again and the odds are you ain’t gonna survive walking out! Bruce & Freda.”  Now I know you already are aware of the rules of the desert.  Don’t go alone, but if you must, make sure a few people know your destination; always bring plenty of water and if you can, a GPS might help.  It’s really not a good idea to go alone as too many things could go wrong and make it impossible for you to get help.  Tune in each Wednesday for a new road trip in your mind.  Remember, it’s a desert out there!

Our buddy, Carole Kinnaby sent this: “Just got home from The Wine and cheese event which was fabulous and raised some money to feed our poorer Mexican friends and the 50/50 raffle was donated to Casa De Fe  orphanage in memory of Carol Spradlin.”  That was the Volunteers Without Limits group that sponsored this event and it’s good to hear it was a success and whomever won the raffle and donated it to the orphanage, hats off to you!  Here’s more from our dog Lady and owner of “One of a Kind Fashions” located next to People’s Gallery next to where the old Net used to be.  Photo of 2010 Tequila Festival By Kat.

UPDATE UPDATE The Tequila Festival is this weekend Fri Sat Sun -I know this to be true as one of the Tequila/wine distributors that was at the Wine and cheese event tonight is staying at my rental house for the next 4 nights  and gave me posters which he has 200 to put up on Thursday, plus he  will start setting up tomorrow. Evidently it is to be held on The Malecon and is meant to start about 3PM on Friday until midnight -Saturday will be from noon til  midnight and Sunday from noon til 6PM.  Entrance is free.”  Thanks for the scoop and although it’s last minute, it will probably be fun.   It’s nice to see there is no entrance fee.  The snow is gone after one day, but I thought this was a pretty photo.  Photo by Kat.

From Dame Vickie Silva: “Sunday, March 4, 2012 beginning at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm is the San Felipe Gift & Crafters Guild show being held at Rumors Bar and Grill.  They’ll all be showing Spring gifts and there will be a 250 Peso vendor gift certificate drawing at 2:00 pm.  You’ll be greeted with live music by Socorro Gomez; free flood pressure screenings and 30 talented vendors participating“.  Don’t forget, it’s Sunday, March 4 and I’m pretty sure Jeanne will have food and drink specials to wet your palate.  Put this date on your calendar, Sunday!”

For those of you in the tourist industry or if you have a business in San Felipe, today at 10:00 is the meeting of the Committee called “Consejo de Desarrollo Economico San Felipe” which is the Economic Council of San Felipe.  They have a group of speakers who will be talking about past and future events, real estate reports from a few developers and much more.  If you are interested in joining this group or just attending a meeting, it’s Thursday (today)  Jueves 01 de Marzo de 2012, 10:00 am Sala de juntas CDESF, San Felipe B.C.  That’s the meeting room of CDESF.  Sr. Rafael Navarro Angulo, owner of Pete’s Camp and long time champion of San Felipe becoming a Municipality, is the President of this group who are trying to help our tourist and economic problems.  Photo of “Smoking Area at the Bat Cave” by Kat.

If you’re looking for a rig to get you out to the races or on a desert trek “1985 Jeep still for sale.  with all the items that was previously listed, there is a tow bar that goes with it. please contact this email address or call 646-154-30-99  Thank you.”  I’m not sure if you all remember the Jeep Jamboree we used to have in San Felipe, but that was pretty cool.  I’m not sure, but I think the bad press had something to do with the demise of the trips down to Mexico.  And of all things we don’t need, is more bad publicity.  Of course, it didn’t happen here, but you know how all of Mexico is blamed for one ignorant stunt.  Twenty-two passengers were held up for their jewelry and money as they were on a day trip while being docked in PV, where our friends Ed and Catalina Meders moved to.  Well, at the very least, we don’t have cruise ships docking here so you’re safe in San Felipe.

March 22 Desert Mothers will have their workshop on Clay Sclupture – using black mountain clay 9very pliable and stays soft longer).  Learn to manipulate the clay to create a small sculpture.  Black Mountain clay produces a smooth, deep colored surface that does not require glaze.  It will be fired twice resulting in a dark chocolate color.  The cost of the workshop is $40 and please help this group out by attending a class and learn something new while you’re at it.  Sort of like killing two birds with one stone; sort of.  Call Donna Roberts at 576-0089.

Gotta run – it’s late and I’ve got to get to the Bat Cave.  Have a great Thursday.  You all know where you’re going tonight, so I won’t list the places I normally do.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back tomorrow.

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  1. Sam Grubb

    Frankly, I prefer riding in the back of a limosine with a cocktail and close friends, going down a nicely paved road. Bouncing around in the desert is way too much exertion.

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