6 March 2012 – Tuesday


March 6, 2012The Korner10 Comments

As I posted on Facebook yesterday, I am retiring as “Kat” and writing Kat’s Korner.  I’ve spent many years promoting San Felipe and trying to keep everyone informed, but with my new life in Newton, Iowa, it’s really impossible to give you the real San Felipe Scoop.  I am hoping Sam, Carolyne and Bruce will continue to contribute, but I will not be posting every day as before.  I’m going to concentrate on being a good wife in my new town of Newton.  Thank you each and every one of you who have been so loyal.  I love you all.  Stay tuned for Wednesdays with Bruce.  I may pop in from time to time.  Peace and love, Kat.

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  1. Tom Gorman

    So I’m wondering if you got in ‘trouble’ again for posting some stuff folks disapproved of as happened in the past where you got some nasty blowback for trying to publish some possibly helpful advice… but you were badgered to take the info down apparently.
    This town desperately needs a news source that’s not controlled by commercial entities but it’s not going to happen and what I’m seeing is a large exodus of good people, many of whom are sick of all the BS that goes on here…

  2. val Slankard

    Will miss you but wondered all along about the split between SF and Newton. First things first. Thanks for letting us down easy.

  3. teina

    Private comment.

  4. Shirley Thompson

    Kat, we’ll be missing you but I wish you success in any venture you put your heart to next, as I know you will. Why not try retirement? I guarantee it is most rewarding.
    Shirley, of “The weather gal”

  5. Cari

    I’m having my private little day of mourning today. You will be missed!

    Have a wonderful life, and thanks for all of memories.

  6. Donna Roberts

    I took a day to really think about your decision. I of course am very sad. You have always been one of our biggest supporters. Because of your help we have made it this far. This is also very true for many other organizations in this town. Because of you we knew where to go party, how to find our pets.( Sometimes our loved ones) Kat you are the one who kept us all connected where ever we were. This is a great lost for our town and us. I will really miss you and all the help you have given Desert Mothers

  7. Kathy Orozco

    Kat, please say it isn’t so well just change it over to Newton, we love your writing or start one for there. Good luck on your new life!

  8. Lu Ann Gallant

    Oh my gosh….I live in San Diego and have a home in Puertecitos…Look at your site every morning to see what is going on ..Will miss it sooooo much..

  9. John

    Kat, you are a talented writer. Thanks for all your efforts.

  10. joe_brennan@comcast.net

    We’ll miss you. Good luck with your new life.

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