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I would like to use today’s posting for some shameless self promotion.  Over the last two months we’ve been working with Derek Wille on a music CD.  He has a state-or-the-art recording studio here in San Felipe, and is a genius at using it.  What started off as a modest project to just record a few songs, has ballooned into a full hour of music with 21 songs.  It’s ready to go, finally.

CD release party
Friday March 16th
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Rumors – featuring happy hour drink prices.

This project is a result of the collaboration with a group of very talented, professional musicians and Sam Grubb.  The music is a delightful mix of country, folk, rock,  gospel and humor.  Here is a brief description of the artists in alphabetical order:

  1. Frank Braal  Talk about hiding your light under bush,  Frank is a great flute player that only a few people have heard.  He has graciously allowed us to include one of his pieces in this collection.
  2. Bill Cartwright  Bill is a highly decorated retired Marine, who is an excellent golf instructor and a gifted songwriter.  He wrote two of the songs we’re doing, “Gordons Gin” and “Family Tree”.
  3. Susan Douglas and Ken Pottie  A Canadian couple who now live full time in San Felipe.  Ken is an accomplished drummer, and Lady Susan is a talented bass player.  They play in the Baja Boys, one of the best bands in town.  They are joining me in singing an old gospel song, “Little Mountain Church”
  4. Denny Flannigan A gifted musician and performer does his song “My Reward”.  It’s a treat to listen to such talent.
  5. Marion Law is another Canadian hiding out in Mexico.  She is a classically trained singer, talented songwriter and guitarist.  She joins me in Singing, “Amazing Grace”  If her voice doesn’t give you goosebumps, you’re dead.
  6. Jim Manning – He is a professional musician, famous for his do-wop sound.  He’s a fine singer, great guitar player, and a very kind and generous man.  He wrote, and performs the song, “Mandy” and also joins me in singing, “Marvelous Toy”.
  7. Allen Mayoff-  Yep.  Another Canadian.  He has been a folk singer for at least 100 years.  He also happens to be a gifted songwriter.  He joins me in singing “Gordon’s Gin”
  8. Jim Moore  Jim has been a leader in the music scene for years here in San Felipe.  He is a fine drummer, and has a killer singing voice.  He sings “Amanda” a song he wrote for his daughter when she was born.  He recorded it and they played it while he had the first dance with her at her wedding.  This is a beautiful song.
  9. Tom O’Neill  You guessed it.  Another Canadian refugee.  He is totally dedicated to his music.  Tom is a 12 string guitar player, and a polished lead singer for 2 AM, a great folk/country band.  He wrote the melody to my words, “Baja Sunrise”.  He has created a song that captures the essence of a sunrise over the Sea of Cortez.
  10. Marge Scott   Marge and her husband, Tom are also professional musicians who do wonderful duets together.  They are generous friends and talented musicians.  Marge sings harmony with me on “Jimmy Brown”.  Pay attention, she is really good.
  11. Derek Wille  He is a musician who can play anything, and play it well.  His state of the art recording studio, here in San Felipe is amazing.  Derek can make passing wind sound like the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.  He recorded, produced, edited, did magic things and provided counseling services when I was overwhelmed with all this.
  12. Sam Grubb – What can I say.  There are several of his original songs, mostly humorous, and several that he has stolen from others.

Here are some early reviews of the music:
“It’s nice, but you could have done better”     Your Mother
“Yeah, I listened to part of it.”                            Denny Flannigan
“You’re no Tom O’Neill.”                                     Your wife
“Awesome”                                                       A drunk truck driver
You won’t want to miss this one.  The CD release party is Friday, March 16th at 5:00PM at Rumors.  Jeanne is featuring happy your drink prices.
The profits from this venture go to VIVA animal rescue.

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  1. Kat

    I certainly hope someone took photos!! Congrats.

  2. Ken Carter Mtn View, Ca

    How can I buy the CD? By mail?

  3. Ken Carter

    How can I buy the CD? By mail?…Ken


    HI SAM-

    J & V

  5. Donna Roberts

    You know I will be there, haven’t had a good laugh in a while

  6. Tom

    A fun CD….great job……………

  7. Carolyn Richardson

    Super Congrats Sam! We’ll be there! Arriving Tues and looking forward to another wonderful time in the sun by the Sea.

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