9 April 2012 – Monday


April 9, 2012The Korner3 Comments

Another manic Monday and the beginning of yet another 40 hours in the bat cave.  I hope that all who celebrate Easter had a nice day and were lucky enough to be with your families to watch the grand kids hunt for eggs.  My daughter and grandson dyed the eggs last night and Desiree’ bought pink rabbit ears.  I sure wish I could have been there.  We were going to go to my sister-n-law’s house, but we had a great lead on a car so we have to go look at it.  I woke up early yesterday and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee and read some emails and posted Baja Belle.  I checked my Power Ball and Mega tickets, so I guess laundry next and then we’ll go look at the car.  I’ve decided to play the same numbers, rather than quick picks.  One of these days, I’m going hit it; I just know it.  So nice to hear the weather held out and now, if you are the least bit civic minded, you may want to go down to Rositas and see Martin and find out when and what time the garbage detail started.  Sorry the Korner is so short today, but the good Lord didn’t want me working on Easter, so I took the entire day off, sort of.  I have a gentleman who has written and he’s contemplating moving to Baja – whether it be on the Pacific side or here.  If you can drop a comment or two about the good things we have, it will help me with my response.  He’s thinking of opening a bar and grill, so if you give him advice on that – it would great.

I had to laugh when I was posting Baja Belle’s story yesterday.  “Dongle” is a word I am totally aware of as we at the Bat Cave deal with those, so I’m surely going to pass that photo on so we can all have a good laugh.  It is indeed a memory stick, but Europeans and as Carolyn stated, folks in the New Zealand neck of the woods, refer to it as a dongle.  Normally, programs that have to be licensed are on a dongle.

Wishing all of you a Happy Easter from the M/V Lee Ann in the Sea of Cortez.  Going to be 70’s with sun a light breezes.  Am attaching a snap of our Kitten FLYING (Sea Gull Air Line) Tigre Lily in the Galley supervisor in the food department.  Am not doing eggs so she will not have that experience.

From George at El Dorado Ranch: “Another fine last day of Samana Santa in the Baja.  
Went down to get the Sunday periodical and was met by a traffic jam hanging out of all driveways of the Pemex at the base of Saltito. Pesos reaching 13 again, but the Pemex exchange rate is only 12.45. Must be a bunch of 1%ers running that company. They must have took lessons from the greedy bunch NOB. But what the hell, the sun is out.  Traffic on Hwy 5 building to epic proportions northbound.   Got home, gonna read my periodical, but I ain’t no way headin for the pool at least for another couple of days. Will be having Easter dinner later, that’s if I can get across the damn highway to get there. So all in paradise, have a Happy Easter, Jorge y Ana.

I understand there is a chance that our “Barbi” is going to be moving back to the United States.  She will be missed by many but hopefully, it won’t be for good.  Geeze, by the time I get back, I won’t know anyone!   Whatever Barbi decides to do, good luck.

It’s on sale now.  The new CD, Sam Grubb and Friends, Discovering the Fun in Dysfunctional.  It’s an hour of music including Country, Folk, Rock, Gospel and humor.  It’s a well done professionally produced album that is very entertaining and fun.  It makes great gifts and the profits go to support VIVA, our local volunteer animal rescue group.  This group has no paid staff, so every dollar donated goes directly to caring for the animals.  The price is $15 including shipping, licking the stamps and making another trip to the post office.  Be sure to include your mailing address so we can send you this treasure.

If you’re interested, mail your check to:
Sam Grubb
P.O.Box 9011  PMB 411
Calexico, California  922332

Dis n Dat sent this little link if you want to keep up with the Mexican elections in addition to the fun and games going on in the Homeland.  Here’s the link.   I’m late so gotta run like the wind.  Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by; if only for a few minutes.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. Susie Scott

    I would advise your friend to just come down, retire and relax. Prices are rediculously low now. I thought I got a good buy in 2009, but they have sunk even lower now and I will never get my money back. As far as another restaurant and bar, there are too many now. One after the other they are closing for a lack of business, and the ones that are open have more workers standing around than customers. Sorry to be so negative, but that is how it looks when I am there. I was not there for Easter. The good news is they are having more business than they have had for a long time.
    Seaside Susie (Susie Scott)

  2. DEEK


    • Kat

      I hadn’t heard; I’ll post on KK tomorrow and other sites down south. Thanks for letting me know.

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