13 April 2012 – Friday


April 13, 2012The Korner11 Comments

Friday the 13th is here and even though it’s supposed to be a day of bad luck, it’s going to be a day of good luck for me.  I don’t have to go to the bat cave for two days.  Alright, I want to let you know what I know from email and comments left regarding the Wheelers.  This is what Lauren posted today: “Frank and Bobbie Wheeler are originally living in Show Low, AZ. They more recently moved down to San Felipe. They were avid kayakers with many years of experience. His son owns an outdoor recreation store in Northern AZ were kayaks are our biggest seller & his son also owns a kayak rental bussiness. They definately knew what they were doing, but sounds like unfortunate events became devastating. His son plans on being back in his store tomorrow and MAY share more news with us.”  Thank you Lauren for leaving that comment.  Sabina left this comment: “Bobbie Wheelers body has NOT been found as of 10:25 pm last night (Wednesday). The Navy is still out searching.”  Thank you Sabina also for leaving the comment.  This is from Debi Moore: “The Wheelers lived in Palos Verdes South at El Dorado Ranch.  The vehicle was found at Huerfanitos parked with the trailer they used to haul the kayaks.  Friends of ours located the vehicle and the trailer then proceeded down to Punta Bufeo to do a search around the islands.  Mr. Wheeler was located by Isla San Luis and his kayak was found by fishermen down by Gonzaga Bay.  As far as I know, Mrs. Wheeler has not been found.  There is an article in the San Diego paper about the couple if anyone cares to Google it.”  Thank you Deb.  This is from Darcy of El Dorado Ranch: “Please let me know how to contact the search party/family.  I had this happen to my Father 41 yrs ago. Same time, same place. I might be able to help with the ocean currents for this period.  My name is Darcy Jensen, (686) 239-9527, Vista del Sol 7200-021-21. My heart and prayers are with you!  This must be so hard on the family but there is always the chance she got to an island and I certainly hope so.  As Lauren said, perhaps their son will let us know the status of this terrible situation.  Photo by Luis Almodovar.

You know, these type of accidents are so sad and as most of us know, it’s not the first time.  The wind comes up so fast and furious and the tides are very strong.  Let’s all pray for the Wheeler family; they do help!  Rich Luech sent this: “If you copy & paste the longitude & latitude into Google Earth you can see exactly where the quake was centered. The ring of Fire is very active time to take Dramamine.”  This was the 6.9 earthquake we had in the Gulf and here are the coordinates:  28.790N – 113.141W and that’s a big quake.   If you’ll notice my dog’s face, those are scars from those lousy Pit Bulls two doors down.   Photo by Luis Almodovar.

I told you Ricardo would let me know if I posted the wrong day for 2 AM playing.  I got the right night, just the wrong restaurant.  My memory has gone to hell in a hand basket.  Ricardo left this comment: “La Gata, The 2AM Band moved to Rumors on Thursday nights a couple of months ago, and will be there tonight starting around 5:30. Tom had to go back to Beautiful BC but Allan and Ricardo have some great new songs. See you there!”  Thank you Ricardo and please keep checking (smile).  Next time, I might have you at Baja Mar. Speaking of Baja Mar Restaurant, if you see the Illustrated Lady (you’re probably reading this) please let us know if you still have the Sunday Brunch Bunch at the Baja Mar Restaurant and give us the scoop on how the new linen shop is doing (across from Chumpo’s Pizza).  Photo by Luis Almodovar.

Well, I am most certain Denny Flannigan is at Rumors tonight and you can bring your entire family as many folks do.  Agave Blues is playing at Jollymon and the Baja Boys with Lady Susan (just picked up on the name change) will be at La Vaquita in the hood.  There’s more going on, like the Pavillion, Pete’s Camp Restaurant, Los Arcos and Al’s Back Street Bar, so you shouldn’t be bored.  Remember, US tax returns are due 17 April rather than 15 April.  Stay tuned for Saturdays with Sam OM and if you’re in the hood tonight, you might find him sitting in with the Baja Boys at La Vaquita.  By the way, we actually had two earthquakes hours and miles apart from the almost 7 point we had in the Gulf.  It’s beautiful and sunny in San Felipe, so come on down for the weekend and enjoy our beaches and town.  It’s raining here in Newton today, so I hope you enjoy the sun (I’m so jealous).  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday!  Photo by Luis Almodovar.

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  1. Eva Keeling

    I am the niece of Bobi Wheeler who is missing after a Kiyaking accident in San Felipe, Mexico. If you have any information would you please contact on this site. Thank you

    • john gambosh

      Eva: contact me to share information

      • Eva Keeling

        Private comment.

  2. Lauren

    Mr. Wheeler’s son would like to keep everything private right now, but as of today (4/16) Bobbie has not yet been found 🙁

    • Eva Keeling


      Bobi’s family is not wanting to keep everything private as we are still missing a precious family member. So please if any one has any information please make everything public so we can get help in finding Bobi.

      Thank you, Eva

      • Lauren

        Unfortunately, I only know what is being posted online. I do know that Mr. Wheeler’s son is going to be attending his father’s memorial this weekend. I don’t know where it is, he’s not sharing anymore info with us. I’m sorry for your loss.

        • Eva Keeling

          The Celebration of Life for Frank Wheeler was celebrated at Frank and Bobi’s home in Show Low, AZ. Bobi Wheeler is still missing and the search by the Navy has been called off. The case is still open and the Navy Ships will be keeping an eye out for her along with the fisherman but the formal serach has been called off. If anyone has additional information the family would appreciate any and all info and you can reach me, Bobi’s Aunt at the above email address. Thank you and God Bless, Eva

  3. Donna Roberts

    actually Denny is in El Central recovering from surgery on his shoulder. Talked to him today, said he was doing find. Will be there until next week and then back home. It is my understanding that he will not be able to play for a while, so he is thinking about some other things he may be able to do, but not for a while.

    • Kat

      Thanks Donna – I thought it was a bit early for their annual pilgrimage north.

  4. Mac Davis

    Kat.. Denny and Sandi are off on their summer travels and I believe that they’ll be gone for 2 months.

    • Kat

      That’s right – I forgot. Thanks Mac! Oh where or where is my memory going??

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