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Another manic Monday after a weekend in bed and it feels good to wake up and not have excruciating pain in my back.  I must have worked it back in because it doesn’t hurt anywhere near what it did.  I want to apologize for posting so late, but this trip has me so relaxed. I finish up a season of Desperate Housewives which I found on Netflix and fall asleep before I start to write the Korner.  I must have needed the rest and my back going out was probably the Universe telling me to slow down and smell the flowers.   Photo by Shawnee Bowden.

Bill Bowden and Rob (can’t remember his last name although I’ve known him an his dad for years, watching the T-off.

I was sorry to have missed the 7th Annual Charity Banquet at the Pavillion because I heard it was a good one.  I do have a few photos of some of the participants, including Sam Grubb and Pat Butler.  Sam was the man to go to this year for this event and I hear it was a great success.  Photo by Shawnee Bowden.

Pat Butler, owner and developer of El Dorado Ranch and Jesus Olmo, his right hand man. I believe the lady next to Pat is the Shrimp Festival Queen, but if not, we’ll just pretend like she is.

In years past, it was called the El Dorado Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament and for a fee, you were able to play with one of the celebrities.  It was a big affair but they dropped the celebrities for economic reasons and continued on with the charity part of it.  All monies after costs go to scholarships for kids, so it’s a win win deal.  This year, Sam Grubb spearheaded the affair and I’m sorry to have missed him.  I’m sure it was a lot of fun.  Photo by Shawnee Bowden.

Sam Grubb and Jesus Olmos at the opening of the Charity Golf Tournament.

One of the fun things to do when you’re out taking photos of an event, is to hog the other photographer’s shoot. Victor and I used to do it, and it was all in good fun. Victor Rodriguez Ratliff and Jesus, Manager of the Red Lobster and a former English student of mine. I’m short, so I sleaze between them and get right in the middle.

I see our Mayor, Roberto Ledon, is also a golfer or at least he attended the event.  Robert owns Playas del Sol in addition to being our Mayor; on his left is Roberto Islas, I believe, although I can’t see his entire face – I recognize the profile.  I imagine the man in the Navy uniform is probably an Admiral and I apologize for the lack of name.  Photo by Shawnee Bowden.

Roberto Islas, General Manager of the Red Lobster; our esteemed Mayor, Roberto Islas and our Admiral.

This is the week the Shrimp Festival begins.  Although it’s slated to begin on Friday, there’s a good chance you may find vendors building their stands or stages being set up.  It’s always a good idea to go later in the afternoon or early evening.  Historically, Saturday night is the big night but this year they are going to have guest chefs preparing different dishes for the public and there will be lots of vendors selling other shrimp goodies.  The Rotary will be selling popcorn and the Lions Club will have their wagon set up to sell goodies, I’m sure.  If you’re interested in securing a booth, go and see Ruben de la Pena at Cotuco next to the Tourism office.  I realize I shouldn’t have any dogs who are not spayed or neutered, however, I still have one dog, whose name is Brownie, and we have been unsuccessful in catching her to get her to the vet.  Hence, six puppies are in dire need of a home.  So, if you’d like to help a fellow Sanfelipian dog lover, drop by and pick up a darling little puppy!  The welfare mother has already weened them and now they are on soft dog food.  Photo by Kat Crag.

This little guy is so friendly and cute. If you take a puppy, you get a plant. I’ll even put it in a pot for you. That seems fare – a puppy for a plant!

The Luminary Walk from the Arches to the Shrine of Guadalupe was held October 27.  Coming up is the battle of the bands at the Biting Crab, aka The Jollymon.  That’s on November 1.  Okay, the American Consulate if coming for a town hall meeting here in San Felipe.  I’m sure you’re probably already heard about it but here’s a gentle reminder and a word to the wise.  The Consulate probably will not address any property disputes, electric, neighbor, etc., and he probably will not be able to answer questions about the Imigration laws coming into effect probably in January, but we don’t know for sure.  I think it’s important for people to go, but don’t expect any miracles to any problems we may be having here in San Felipe (in my opinion):  “Consul William Whitaker, chief of the American Citizens Services section will be visiting San Felipe on November 1st to host a town hall meeting with the expat community.  The meeting will be held at El Dorado Ranch at the Pavilion from 10am to 12pm.  This is the only date we will be in San Felipe and we look forward to meeting with you to share information about the services we offer. We understand that there will be many events that weekend that is why we chose a Thursday to hold our meeting. The purpose is to reach out to communities of American Citizens overseas and let all know about services to American Citizens the Consulate provides and to offer an opportunity to answer questions. The topics usually include a description of Passports, CRBAs and notarial services, Deaths and Estates, Arrests and Detentions, Welfare and Whereabouts, Judicial assistance, Emergency Messages, Crisis Response, the STEP registration system, Voters Assistance information, Federal Benefits contact information, etc.  Of course, a large part of Consular Services are related to visas. This is NOT the topic of our presentation but we do often direct these questions to the appropriate sources for information.

I love the way the sun is shining through the other trees onto the Glorieta. Reminds me of a jungle and it is, sort of.

If anyone knows who won the golf tournament, please let me know.  I received an email from a buddy of mind, Karen Farrell, who was asking for a friend about our San Felipe Single’s Group who used to meet every Saturday night.  I did notice in my email one with the right reference, so let me give it a read and let you know.  There are a lot of single men and women in San Felilpe either because they have lost their spouses or came here alone.  “Shirley ask me to respond to you. I am Cee Fry, currently the lead person in Saturday Singles. We meet the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, year round. Our next meeting will be November 3, 5pm at Pete’s Camp.  I can be reached to put new people on our notification roster at 576-0168 or email at c110635 at Gmail dot com.  Incidentally, Shirley is not seeing well and has put the “Lodgehouse” on the market. Thanks for your interest. You probably don’t remember me, but I was Lory’s partner.”  Thank you Cee.  Yes, I remember you and I’m so sorry to hear about Shirley.  I guess the civic groups need to get together and buy the lodge so they have their own meeting place.  One of the problems in getting up at 11:00 a.m. is the day is almost half over and before I know it, it’s 1:00 in the afternoon.  All the little monster pups are under the car, so we have to start the car and make sure all six pups are not hiding under a wheel.  Check your calendars for other specials and events going on this week, but the big deal is the Shrimp Festival.  I’ll be going to Gonzaga on Wednesday and return Thursday, so I’ll be back in town early.  I’ll have more scoop for you tomorrow, but I have to run down town for a few.  Have a happy Monday and don’t eat too much before Friday!

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  1. Shawnee

    Hi Kat,
    The picture of Bill is with Larry LaBonte. He was a volunteer.

  2. Rob Hoare

    Hi Kat,
    I think the bit from the US Consul about not wanting to deal with visa matters refers to US Visas (he wouldn’t have anything to do with the Mexican ones).

    Doesn’t want non-Americans (like me) coming along and complaining (justifiably) about the totally awful service the US consulate in Tijuana provides for those applying for US tourist visas.

    If Americans understood how really bad and expensive the process is, and how it makes America look so backward and inefficient, they would never again complain about the few trivial steps needed for an FM3.

    • Kat

      It probably does but like all meetings of this sort, a lot of time is wasted on subjects the Consulates either do not know or it’s not in their jurisdiction.

    • Kat

      I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with you on that one.

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