10 November 2014 – Monday


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Kat’s Korner Today

By:  Kat Hammontre


Good morning everyone.  I hope your weekend was pleasant and if you were here for the Shrimp Festival, then you know what a great job the powers that be did pulling off a very well attended festival.  The Mexican Marines and Army both had booths and I especially liked the photos they had hanging, the dress uniforms and swords.  They even had an old cannon.  We had a small carnival at the south end of the Malecon and lots of booths.  This year, they had the dancing horses and many different dance groups and singers performing and it was very colorful.  Tons of people and my only complaint is the parking.  I drove down to see what was going on about 2:00 p.m. and I swear, I drove around and around and unless I wanted to park clear up near the Glorieta, there was no parking.  Perhaps next year, they could have secure parking at the baseball field and bus people the five or so long blocks.  So, I went up to visit Gloria and Manny and pay them for my dog food and visit a bit.  They have such a cool view up there; unobstructed north and south but the beach access is wicked.  Evidently, contrary to Mexican Federal Law, the beach access is blocked almost a When I went back down at 5:00, I found a spot.  I was an hour late meeting my peeps, but there were so many people I didn’t catch up with them.  Photo by Kat Hammontre.


shrimp festival 2014


shrimp festival 2014


The weather could not have been nicer this past weekend but Fall is definitely here.  I’m going to reprint this from Facebook because I was going to stop at San Felipe Bread and pick up some raisin bread.  “San Felipe Bread was going to open November 6th, but Cher has had an accident, and will be unable to work in the bakery this week. We will open on Thursday November 13th at 9:00, open until 4:00.  We will be at the Swap meet Saturday November 15th from 7:00 to 10:30, then at the bakery from 12:00 to 2:00 or so.  Open Sunday November 16th from 9:00 to 4:00.”  By the way, Cher is okay.  Photo by Kat Hammontre.


san felipe shrimp festival 2014

George and Belinda san felipe shrimp fest


I want to thank Sam Grubb and Darryl Silva for their contributions to Kat’s Korner this weekend.  I enjoy both of their writing styles.  George Jackson and Belinda Eastman were manning the El Dorado booth at the festival.  PLAY IT AGAIN SEGUNDA – Benefiting the animals of Viva, is opened its doors on Saturday, November 1.   Shop opens at 10:00 and it’s located next to Cabo Cape in the strip mall on Mar de Cortez, near People’s Gallery.  Wednesday, at Parrot’s Cracker, there is a Celebration of Life Al Weiss with his wife, Cheryl and the details are on the poster.


celebration of life.


In addition to the Tecate-Score Baja 1000 this month, we also have a CODE Race Ready 275 race coming up on November 29.  This is a map of the race, courtesy of Paul Wilson of TSFG (thanks Paul).


Code map


Don’t forget about the Percebu Poker Run, also on November 29.  It’s a lot of fun with food, beverages, music, dancing and of course, the actual Poker Run.


Percebu poker run 2014


El Dorado gals in the house at Shrimp Festival.  I picked up a couple of shrimp kabobs while I was there to bring home to Mikey and he loved them.  Skooter ate a couple of onions and a green pepper; I swear that dog will eat anything except pickles.  Photo by Kat Hammontre.


El Dorado gals at the shrimp festival


I also had the pleasure of meeting Ruth Millan and her husband of Galeria Olivar Millan at the Shrimp Festival and they are really cool people.  They offer free drinks and appetizers from 12-4 and they have it catered by Stephanie and Jesus (Latin Gardens) and there’s no charge.  I believe they told me they had 70 people there on Saturday, so Ruth was a bit tired.  They used to do all the cooking themselves, but it got to be too much.  The art work is beautiful and it’s for sale, but as they told me, they aren’t doing this for the money – it’s enhancing and showing folks the culture of Mexico.


Galeriaolivarmillan Baja

Galeria Olivar Millan


I just read something interesting I didn’t know.  We all know it’s illegal to carry a firearm into Mexico, but did you know it’s also illegal to carry a knife.  I had read years ago that long knives were illegal, but I had no idea small pocket knives were illegal, so better take mine out of my purse.  I always carry one in my purse and only take it out when it’s dark out and there’s weirdo’s on my street.  My machete is too big for my purse.


Shrimp Festival in San Felipe 2014


It’s 8:16 am and I need to get in the shower and get my day started.  I foolishly left some of the laundry hanging on the line and it’s spread all over the yard.  I have to go look for a used washing machine as ours has had it and because it’s left out in the elements, they tend to wear out easily.  So, enjoy your Monday wherever you are and thanks for reading my little Korner of my world!  Ciao for now.


shrimp festival 2014

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  1. Ruth Olivar Millan

    Galeria Olivar Millan: Vinos, Arte y Comida is now opened every Saturday at 12N-4:00. Featuring Baja wines and mixed drinks with your Free food. Music and Gente del Pueblo in San Felipe Baja Cal Mexico, facing the Sea of Cortez. AboutTwo hours from Calexico-Mexicali boarder…great road/freeway south.

    If you are planning to move to Mexico visit San Felipe Baja First explore, ask questions, learn.

  2. vera Munoz

    Kat your always welcome to park at my house which is about a 8 minute walk to the malecon. Email me and I’ll give you the address. Lancomex67@gmail.com.

    • Kat

      Thanks Vera – I also live in the “hood” but only one block off of Mar Caribe, so I could have walked; I just didn’t want to walk home in the dark, but thank you.

  3. Sam Grubb

    You should just take your laundry to the lavanderia. they do all the work and you can remain your fresh, young, beautiful self.

    • Kat

      Yes, I should tell the butler to tell the maid to take the laundry to the lavanderia and then I can sit around all day eating chocolates!

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