29 September 2015 – Tuesday with “Baja Belle’s Diaries”


By Carolyn Richardson

carolyn richardson


After spending the last of the cooler spring days in San Felipe, like many snowbirds and even full time residents , I headed north of the border for the majority of the summer months. In my case, not necessarily escaping the heat, as I headed for the Sacramento Valley and foothills of the Sierra, visiting family and friends. With average temperatures in the 90s, the unmistakable whir of air conditioners and fans pushing cooling air around, was the underlying sound just about everywhere I went. Initially, however, I set out eastward to attend a family wedding that took place out in a rural landscape on a large ranch East of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Adding my two oldest grandchildren as passengers, we made our way from Albuquerque to Sedona, Arizona as we headed west, where we took a fantastic helicopter ride over the distinctive red rock formations.


rock formation


We continued westward, touring the south rim of the Grand Canyon, then through Utah visiting family, then onward to Reno for a spectacular Fourth of July fireworks display.

The lazy days of summer weren’t all that lazy for me, as I attended dances, visited with friends, attended our family reunion and attended several theatrical performances along the way. Before I knew it, the summer was fading away and it was time for me to head back to my desert home in San Felipe.

Ah, but the heat and humidity hadn’t taken flight upon my arrival! No siree! Where I was quite comfortable in my home with the air conditioning cooling my heels, backside and face just fine, I decided to stall tipping my toes back into the social whirl San Felipe offers much of the year. Both the Tekila Rock band and Isaac Dias’ band rocked the house down at La Palapa and Jollymon regularly, and Mac N Nan’s Karaoke remained a staple throughout the summer months. As much as I wanted to join in the fun, like a guilty parishioner heading for the confessional, I have to admit I had a hard time dragging my derriere off my couch and out into the heat. Like a crab burrowing into the sand, I enjoyed inside pleasures, and caught up on good books and TV shows I’d taped while gone.

In September, we experienced the most spectacular lightening and thunder storm I’ve ever experienced! The entire northern sky lit up, with flash after flash that lasted for hours, followed by a steady rain which quenched the thirsty desert immediately.



Elec storm 7--2015


By mid September, the stifling heat had began to dissipate, but oh so gradually. I decided I needed a change of scenery, a short getaway. A drive across Baja to San Diego seemed just the distraction I needed, and I have so missed my ballroom dancing, I thought I’d cram in as much as possible at the same time. The drive along Highway 3 revealed more greenery in Baja than sadly in California. Hillsides of desert brush and trees full leafed and green, along with the agricultural fields were an appreciated change of scenery.



baja road


And before I knew it, with a light rain and a slight cooling in temperatures, I do believe Fall is just around the corner! I look forward to the official Opening of the Season, with the snowbirds beginning their pilgrimage back to our favorite Village by the Sea. Slowly word is getting out that more of the restaurants, closed through the summer, are dusting off the tables and chairs and some have actually already opened for business. I enjoyed a very tasty shrimp stir fry at Margarita House on Friday, band members are tuning up their instruments getting ready to bring down the house with their terrific music, and already flyers are being circulated for the upcoming Halloween shindigs. Parrots Cracker has been sprucing up, the Sweet Spot appears to be opening soon. The feeling of anticipation of good things just around the corner is quite palpable. Yep, Fall is in the air, and it’s a very welcome scent coming our way! Good things are happening in San Felipe!


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  1. michelle

    Great photos of the lightning show Carolyn…it was spectacular!

    • Carolyn rRchardson

      Thanks for the kudos Michelle! I wish I could take credit for the lightening photos, but I copied from contributors on Facebook, and I give them all the credit. The other photos I took. Thanks for checking in with Baja Belle!

  2. Margaret Downing

    Enjoyed the travelogue! Let’s hear more about ballroom dancing!

    • Carolyn rRchardson

      Margaret, thanks so much for the encouragement! As I’ve mentioned, one of my passions is ballroom dancing, and I’m interested in starting up a group of like minded people who want to learn the various steps, and be able to practice and enjoy social dances. My aim is to get this going soon in the coming months. Dancing is a social activity, it keeps our minds and bodies well tuned, and is fun! I’d like to see a San Felipe Dance Club started, where all genres of dance can be incorporated–ballroom–including the Latin dances such as tango, line dancing, country, square dance, round dancing–all the various styles included depending on the interest of the members. I can teach the basics of many of the steps, or know people who may be able to come in and guest teach, if the interest is there. Dancers only need two things–a dance floor large enough, and danceable music.

  3. Armando

    All of us at The Pet Resort are excited and ready to introduce our services to all of those that were gone!! Its been a long (thankfully some-what steady) summer! Bring it on!! 😀

    • Carolyn rRchardson

      Thanks for the heads up! We’re getting the word out!

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