13 October 2015 – Tuesday/Wednesday


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Good afternoon/evening everyone.  I did start this in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 13, but it’s after 9:00 pm now, hence the am/pm. It seems like a long time since you’ve heard from me and to be perfectly honest, I have been contemplating ending my Kat’s Korner career.  I know I’ve said this before, but like I’ve also said many times, it takes a lot of time and there are many days when I have nothing to write about, especially with Facebook, where everyone can find out pretty much everything that’s going on.  So, anyway, I decided to renew my domain for one more year and then I will reevaluate and decide next October.  In the meantime, I’ll just ramble along.  Another factor is, I simply don’t go out much, except to play volleyball or go to a race or two now and again, so I don’t really know what’s going on.  I can, however, find out and I usually do.  I took the photo below leaving Pete’s Camp on Friday evening.  It was spectacular in real life and not bad in in a digital photo.


sunset over Pete's Camp


The next big fiesta on the Malecon is the “2nd Annual Tequila and Mariachi Festival” October 16 to 18 from 10:00 am to 2:00 am.  The cost is $50 Pesos or $4.00, which includes two drinks (or shots, probably).


Tequila Festival

Tequila Festival Spanish


I wrote about the latest UABC graduation I attended.  My girlfriend, Laura Calderon, who is also the sister-in-law of my co-madre, Leonor Dagnino (the twins mom).  I put most of the photos on Facebook to share with the entire family.  Also in the same graduating class was Jose Agular, a local real estate agent, who is now also an attorney.


Kat and Laura


Before the Pete’s Camp Poker Run on Saturday, Rafael Navarro called a meeting for the volunteers and to thank everyone for helping out.  He also gave homage to Jim Onsager and dedicated the race to him.  On the back of the t-shirts, “In Memory of Jim Onsager” was printed.  Pete’s Camp’s car came through checkpoint three, but didn’t stop for a card.  Many folks went out of the run after checkpoint two, where they were served lunch.  We gave away all the cards we were given, which was about 400, but Checkpoint one and two had run out of cards.  It was a nice meeting Friday night and we all met up at 8:30 am Saturday morning and John led the way dropping off different cars at their checkpoint.


Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015


After the meeting, we went to the Parrott’s Cracker for fish and chips and onion rings.  Those onion rings are to die for – the onion doesn’t come out of the coating when you take a bite.  Buckaroo Bob’s is open again and their hours are 11:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday and they are closed Saturday and Sunday.  El Padrinos is open again as well as the Sweet Spot, The Margarita House, Juanito’s down on the beach at El Dorado Ranch; Thrifty Ice Cream out in the Ejido and Fandango’s at Los Arcos.  I’m sure there are others, but I’ll have to drive around and check it out. Galeria Olivar Millan is open again and I believe it’s the first Saturday of each month, she has an art show, sometimes presenting out of town artists; wine and food and all free of charge.  Pretty cool



Call the number above for more information.


If you’re applying for a Temporary Resident card or Permanent card, and you go to an agent, if you are being charged over $400 for the entire process, you’re being ripped off.  I’m not naming any agent(s), but I’ve heard more than once or twice or even three times, how much overcharging is going on.  Shop around!   Also, if you’re a snow bird, and you have homeowner’s insurance, again, shop around.  I’ve been told many times how claims are not being paid; receipts are being demanded for items insured, claims being denied and more. Whatever happened to integrity?


Baja 1000 map


Above is the map for the upcoming Baja 1000 and it just so happens, where were were for the poker run, is just about the same track they’ll run on.  We’ll probably go for contingency in Ensenada and then beat feet back here to the spot where we can see them come through.


San Felipe scene

San Felipe scene

San Felipe scene

San Felipe scene


Okay,  I’m sure there’s a lot more scoop – like the Cachanilla Swap Meet on Saturdays is back on; Volleyball every day as well as water arrobics (spelling – ugh) and more.  Thanks for your patience and I’ll try and get out more and find some scoop for you!  I want to remind everyone that in the first week in December, there will be a Celebration of Life for Freda Barber at the El Cortez Hotel.  Rotary has started up again and they meet there on Mondays.  One Eye, my eldest gal doggie, is doing great and her sprained ankle is much better.  Thank you for reading my little Korner of the world and I’ll try and be more diligent in writing, at least every other day!  Have a great Wednesday, as that’s probably when you’ll read this!  Ciao for now.  Kat.


Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015 with Wornout

Pete's Camp Poker Run 2015




23 Responses to “13 October 2015 – Tuesday/Wednesday”
  1. jerry christean

    Kat Thanks for all you have done for us that are not lucky enough to be in SanFelipe year around. Jerry

    • Kat

      You’re welcome Jerry. It’s been my pleasure. Kat

  2. Maria

    I agree with all of you ! No matter what you ramble on about Kat I love to read about it! Your colum has a personel touch way beyond facebook, thank you and pleasssse keep writing !

    • Kat

      Thank you Maria – I truly appreciate hearing that. Kat

  3. Rose P

    I will be a first timer (arriving Jan 1 through May 1) from OHIO and your positive, informative comments have me VERY anxious and excited to be a part of the San Felipe experience. Thank you for all your time and all you do!!

    • Kat

      Thank you Rose. You’ll love it here! I hope I get a chance to meet you. Kat

  4. Dale Vinnedge

    Can you tell me how to figure out when the first race cars in the 1000 will be coming through the two poles area, so I can take my rail out and join the party?

    • Kat

      I’ll have that answer for you today. The bikes will come through first and then the trophy trucks – hold on; I’ll get the scoop.

    • Kat

      Hi Dale; I asked my friend Wornout and this is his reply: “We usually figure 60 miles an hour. Two Poles is about 620 miles down course or 10+ hours. Race starts at 10 am. Ten AM plus 10 hours is 8:00 PM. What I do, and will do this year, is listen to the radio and when Weatherman calls them through Check Five (5), about 40 miles south of San Felipe, I will head out to the power line. No use driving to hell and gone just to see them speed through.” You can listen to the weatherman on score-international.com.

  5. Wornout

    Great pictures of the Poker Run but the best one is missing?

    • Kat

      Always save the best for last.

  6. Diana Medina

    Dont stop writing! My family and i only get to San Felipe about 4 times a year and mom has a home there. I LOVE LOVE reading the little corner of your world and my happy place. San Felipe! It’s how i know what’ s going on. I dont have facebook! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that i love your site. We will be out there for the Shrimp Festival Nov. 6-8! Would love to meet you Kat!

    • Kat

      Okay Diana, I won’t! See you at Shrimp Festival. Kat

  7. Margaret Downing

    Great update!

    • Kat

      Thanks Margaret!

  8. Kathy Orozco

    Hi Kat,

    Glad to see you are back. Whatever you decide to write is fine with us you could ramble about anything you want. Just love your posts. Take care, Kathy

  9. Deek

    Kat, Have really missed your regular daylies, luckly we will be back in 2 weeks,, I know how hard it must be but alot of peeps depend on you for info, Deek

  10. Julie Wilson

    Kat, we enjoy your “scoop” and whatever else you decide to write about. Just want you to know we appreciate the effort that you put into Kat’s Korner.

    • Kat

      Thank you Julie!

  11. BELLA

    I am always glad o hear you are still writing no one covers San Felipe like you..There seems to be a lot of negative with some people that write stuff, and i for one only want to hear good things as we only can stay for a little at a time.

    Where the 1000 crosses is that out by 2 poles area where the race started?

    thanks and what is Fandango? A sports bar? we see it all the time but its never open


    • Kat

      Thanks Bella! Yes, the poker run started and finished near there. The Fandango is a sports bar and is usually open on weekends (usually jaja). Thanks for writing.

  12. Robin ovid

    Your contribution to the vitality of our community is a treasure. It is time consuming and often thankless, but I am here to tell you that it is my go-to place for catching up on events past present and future.
    Thank you!

    • Kat

      Thanks Robin! I appreciate it.

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