Kat’s Korner – 27 March 2017 – I’m back!


March 27, 2017The Korner9 Comments

I’ve had so many people ask me to start writing again so here I am.  With the groups on Facelessbook and some health issues, I decided to take a break.  I didn’t mean for it to be this long, but I got into watching novelas on Netflix, trips to the desert, playing volleyball last summer, trips to San Diego, etc. and the time just flew by.  The 31st Annual San Felipe Baja 250 is right around the korner, March 30 to April 2.  Here’s the latest “Schedule of Events”, courtesy of Score-International.  By the way, I understand they will not be running on Power Line Road.  Remember, pre-racing started yesterday, so take a look at the map and if you’re headed out to the desert, be careful and stay off the track.  The map and schedule are on the same page.  You simply have to scroll down the links on the left side of the page.


47th Bud Light Score Baja 500 - Robert Acer


My garden is beginning to bloom and the strangest thing happened.  My Oleander bush has two different colored flowers – red and pink.  Strange, but pretty.


multi colored oleander

red oleander


Yesterday was the memorial for Warren Rezac.  It was sad but very nice and I hope Martha finds some peace.  I missed the memorial for Dean Moore because I overslept, but Jackie is in town, however, I believe she is leaving this week.  Shawnee and Bill bought a new house in Mariposa with acreage and it’s beautiful.  She said they will be back this summer.   I got an invite for an open house at Pete’s Camp which was left in my gate so I believe we’ll go.  Skooter keeps knocking my hand away from my computer so I can throw the ball for him.  Little/big savage – now he’s barking at me.





I have a woman who is looking for a 2 bedroom house on or near the water, with a pool and a jacuzzi; no stairs unless there’s an elevator.  Please leave a comment if you know of anything available.  She’ll need it full time beginning May 1.  I’m selling my Airstream Land Cruiser.  It needs a little TLC, including a new tire, but it’s really in pretty good shape.  It’s either 28 or 32 ft. and has sat in my back 40 for a couple of years.  It has a shower, stove, refrigerator and two closets.  Let me know if you’re interested.  I’m also selling my Barney, it was number 19 made by the original Barney maker, Don I believe his name is.  I really hate to let it go, but it’s so big, I’m always hitting the curbs when I turn and without power steering, it’s difficult to drive.  Please leave a comment if you’re interested.




Well, I don’t have much more to blab about today so I’ll close for now.  Have a great rest of the day.  It’s good to be back!

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  1. Hop a long

    Hey. Good to see you are back. Hop a long

  2. Margaret Downing

    You’re b-a-c-k!!!

  3. Mike Halperin

    Welkome Back Kat! 🙂

    • Kat

      Thank you Mike!

  4. Carolyn Richardson

    Great to see you writing again Kat!

  5. Juanita

    Hey Kat tring this again. Good to have you back.!!!

  6. Warren Sundquest

    Glad you’re back writing Kat’s Korner!

  7. Vera

    Welcome back Kay!

    Is that the Warren that ran the second hand store?

    • Kat

      No, he and his wife sold for the ranch. Different Warren.

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