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Happy Hump Day!  It’s sunny but a bit windy today.  It’s hard to get back into the groove of writing the Korner, but I’ll get the hang of it.  Today at the Palapa at El Dorado Ranch is their beer fest.  15 different kinds of homemade beer.  It begins at 11:00 to 4:00 p.m.  So, if you’re into beer, this is the place to go.

Poor Wornout.  He had his knee replaced last Wednesday and it’s healing pretty good, but he can’t go to Volleyball or play golf.  We both got our credentials for the Baja 250, but he’ll bring a chair to sit here and there and take photos.  I’ll walk around and get photos of the crowds and cars and bikes.  At least that’s the plan today.  We’re not sure where we’ll be on race day (Saturday) but we’ll figure it out.


Here are some photos of 2016 Baja 1000, which have been on my camera that long!





I missed the “cheeseburger in paradise” at the Flannigans because we thought it was on Tuesday.  However, it was on Monday and a great success – over 300 people attended at the Flannigan estate.  Congrats!

I took photos today at the Beer Fest at the Palapa, but they are not coming up.  I think my battery is on it’s last leg.  Don’t buy a Nokia.  Shanwnee had the same problem(s) with it and bought an iPhone.  I’ll have to depend on my Canon for the Baja 250.  I think we’re going to RM 42 on Saturday morning, at least Dave Diethrich said it’s a good spot.  We shall see.

A change in the Score stope points:  via Dominic Clark, Media Jefe for Score:  ”


Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (Times are PDT)

1-8pm              Chassis Insp, Pre-Tech/Stella Bracket Ck     Hotel El Cortez

4pm-8pm        Racer Registration                                          Hotel El Cortez

Thursday, March 30, 2017 (Times are PDT)

9am                 Qualifying SCORE TT, Class 1, TT Spec      Private location

Noon-8pm       Racer Registration                                          Hotel El Cortez

1pm-8pm        Chassis Insp, Pre-Tech/Stella Bracket Ck     Hotel El Cortez

1pm-5pm        Media Registration                                          Hotel El Cortez

6pm-11pm      Monster Energy SCORE Kick-off Party        Hotel El Cortez

Friday, March 31, 2017 (Times are PDT)

9am-4pm        Racer Registration                                          Hotel El Cortez

9am-5pm        Media Registration                                          Hotel El Cortez

9am-5pm        Volunteer Registration                                   Hacienda Don Jesus

9am-5pm        Contingency Row                                          Downtown on the Malecon

9am-6pm        Tech Insp/Transponder Ck/Stella3 Install       End of Contingency Row-Malecon

6pm                 Mandatory Aircraft Pilot Safety Meeting         Hotel El Cortez

7pm                 Mandatory Racer Meeting                              Hotel El Cortez

Saturday, April 1, 2017 (Times are PDT)

5:45am-9pm               SCORE Media Center Open             SECTURE Office-42 Avenida Mar de Cortez

START/FINISH LINE- Malecon in front of Rockodile night club – 271.9-mile race course

6:20am            RACE START: MOTORCYCLES/QUADS (subject to change)

Pro Moto Unltd, Pro Moto 30, Pro Moto 40, Pro Moto Ltd, Pro Moto 50, Pro Moto Ironman, Pro Moto 60, Pro Quad, SPT Moto, SPT Quad

(Start Intervals: all Pro M/C, Pro Quad, SPT M/C, SPT Quad classes start one every 30 seconds)

9am approx    RACE STARTCARS/TRUCKS/UTVS (subject to change)

TT, 1, TT Spec, 2, Hammer Ltd, Hammer Unltd, 10, 8. 1/2-1600, SL, 5, HM, 3000, TL, 7, Pro UTV FI, Pro UTV, Pro UTV Unltd, PT, 5-1600, 3, BC, SF, 7SX, 3700, 1700, SM, 9, 11, PT, SPT Unltd Truck, SPT Buggy, SPT Ltd Truck, SPT UTV

(TT one vehicle every 60 seconds. All other car/truck classes start one every 30 seconds)

TIME LIMIT: All classes have 13.5 hours from time each vehicle starts to complete the course

Sunday, April 2, 2017 (PDT)

9am                Posting of official finishers                           SCORE Stage on the Malecon

10am              Awards Celebration                                      SCORE

I can’t get the photos off of my Nokia, but the El Dorado Ranch Beer Fest was fun.  A great turnout and they said they sold 100 gallons of beer.  We bought tickets for the raffle(s) and didn’t win anything.  Bummer.  I’m going to ATT tomorrow to see if I can buy a new battery for my Nokia and if I can’t, I’m throwing it in the Sea of Cortez.

By the by, there is a rumor going round that a certain person is organizing 600 pangas to stop the Navy ships.  This should be interesting.  I’m guessing the person who is organising this, won’t be there.  I just hope they aren’t going to protest during the race.  There are a lot of locals that are depending on the income from the race and it would be a shame.  If you want a place to sit down and see contingency, Sweet Spot will be open and is accepting reservations.  Remember, no parking on the Malecon!


Okay, not may photos today, but hopefully, I’ll have some this weekend.  I’m starting out with three days a week writing Kat’s Korner and working towards more, so please be patient!  Thank you all for your comments on Faceless Book and Kat’s Korner.  It’s good to be back.  Hasta pronto!



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