Kat’s Korner – Monday, 3 April 2017


April 3, 2017The Korner3 Comments

What a weekend and a great turnout for the Baja 250.  Wornout and I went to three different places to take photos; the last stretch was just too dusty, so we didn’t stay long.  The best photos of the three spots we went to was Km 43, although Wornout got a great video of MacCachren coming down the to the start/finish line.  All I got was dust.  I mean I have to have my camera cleaned; see if I’ll ever get the sand out of my hair and scrub my bag which holds my Canon and I didn’t even have that out of the car. Aside from the dust, it was pretty exciting.  I’ve post a bunch of photos on my Faceless Book (San Felipe Baja Kat) if you want to take a look.




There was the cutest donkey in contingency this year, pulling a cart.  I’m surprised the cars didn’t scare them although they go pretty slow down the Malecon.  Mostly all the restaurants and taco shops were full and people were lined up from La Morena to Rositas watching.  They had a ramp like they do in the Ensenada races where the racers were interviewed on the Malecon.




Most of the Oxxo’s were full as well as Calimax, so the town made a few bucks.  Speaking of which, Rita Casey was there selling T-shirts to benefit Coco’s loss of his truck.  The shirts were $25 but you could donate what you wanted or had and I dropped $50 pesos in the can.  If you’d like to donate, the website is on the poster.





I meant to put this poster up for Author Rico Austin in my last posting, but I spaced it out.  This is on the back of his latest book.




This Saturday is the Las Amigas Luau being held at La Palapa on the sea side of El Dorado Ranch.  The cost is $15.00 and I believe it begins at 1:00.

There were a lot of local peeps as well as visitors at Contingency and the actual race, of course.  Here’s a few photos of  spectators:












Not much news and I have to jump in the shower and get to my appointment, so I’ll close for now.  Have a great Monday!

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  1. Marty Stephens

    Good to hear news of San Felipe’. We were recently there with our son moving a truckload of our household goods to Yuma. Barry’s health issues make it necessary for us to be in the U.S. now and except for this short trip we haven’t been back since last Fall. We miss our home in S.F. terribly and hope things will improve by fall so we can at least return for awhile.

  2. Bruce Barber

    This is something I thought I would never write but because I lost my Freda my life has changed dramatically. For one thing, I am writing this from a Senior Center in Culver City, CA. For another, my firstborn daughter adopted me so I should admit that I have not been home for awhile. I miss my home and have no idea when I will return… although it should be Soon. For one thing it is cold up here…at least it is to me! I ain’t used to this Pacific Ocean weather! This Senior Center is loaded (many people) although I must tell you it is a regular meeting day, so I have no idea what it is like on other days.
    At this juncture, I must tell you I know four people up here: my daughter, her husband, her son, and my lady friend. But, I already met a lady named Maria here at the Crnter! About all I can say at this juncture is: losing your life-long-mate is TERRIBLE!

    • Bill and Kathy keehner

      Good to hear from you. We are still in San Felipe but can see in the not too distant future we may too have to move to the states because of health issues. We can understand your feelings. Just what is it about San Felipe that has this draw on us all…the weather, of course; the life long friends we have met here, of course; one of the main things for us has been the never ending learning opportunities we have experienced – and, thanks to you and Frieda and your wonderful trips, which provided us with many happy memories and experiences that we will treasure forever. Thank you!!!

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