Kat’s Korner – 16 April 2017 – Sunday


April 17, 2017The Korner3 Comments

I had to go to San Diego last Wednesday and the previous Friday, so I haven’t really had time to write.  Wornout and I usually take the Tecate way, which seems faster than waiting in line at the border in Mexicali.  When we came back Thursday evening, coming in through the East border, we had to take a detour because the exit going East to Mexico was closed.  However, we did have a short wait getting across.  At any rate, there was a lot of traffic for a Thursday heading towards San Felipe and there were police cars leading other cars, I suppose to keep the speed down.  Friday, Wornout tells me he’s going into town to get water but when the highway looked like the Indy 500, he changed his mind.  Today, every gas station from El Dorado Ranch to town had lines, some out in the street.  Nothing like waiting until Sunday to get gas.  We decided to drive downtown (the Malecon was still blocked off) and just about every taco shop was full, as well as spaces to park.  Justino went down to pick up cans this afternoon and he said the Malecon was full.  Sorry, I don’t have any photos but take my word for it; there were tons and tons of folks still in town this afternoon.  I did swipe a photo from Ruben David Gamez of the first night of Semana Santa.  The Malecon was so full, these folks were on Mar de Cortez at the corner where the Seguro Social clinic is.


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This photo I swiped from Saul Marquez and it shows how packed the beach in front of the Malecon was.




I took a little stroll around my yard this afternoon to check on what had bloomed or grown.  I love my garden – it’s so soothing to just walk around and talk to the plants and bushes and myself.




I can’t even imagine the lines at the border today and this afternoon. From the looks of downtown, I believe a lot of people will leave tomorrow and some will stay for the week.  Skooter missed his mommy (they all did) and I had to spend a lot of time throwing the ball for him.  He’s getting really good at jumping up and catching the ball.  He comes in the house with the ball; jumps up on the bed and stands over me until I get up and throw it for him.  Then, when he’s really tired and hot from running, he takes a dip in the water (those big metal ones) and tromps into the house, leaving dog prints of mud.  We had a little break through today.  He took doggie treats out of Wornout’s hand, rather than biting it off.  Maybe the next test will be how Skooter reacts when Wornout comes into the yard.




I have to go back to San Diego on Thursday, but it will be a quick turn around trip.  Friday is the El Dorado Ranch run out to the desert.  In case no one noticed, Tourism had moved to the first floor of the Chapela Hotel. I wrote to Enrique to ask him where they moved to and he said they had been there a year.  I haven’t had any reason to go there, so that’s my excuse.  All the dogs are sound asleep and I’m hitting the sack too.  I have a new article from Bruce Barber, which I’ll post tomorrow.  But for now, here are some more photos of my garden.  Peace.





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  1. Bruce Barber

    I think it is time I sent you another article or two. I am sort of stuck here in Los Angeles because of my medical appointments. I normally never mention them. Most of us don’t really give a damn anyway. And me? When you’ve spent as much time as I did in the San Felipe (or any other, really) desert, you will understand. I LOVE IT! And, I am thoroughly convinced it is my love for the desert that keeps me going!
    My love to all my desert friends!

  2. Rushing

    Nice to have you back. Long time lurker, first comment.

    The last time I was in San Felipe was spring break (this week) – in 1979. The calculator tells me that was 38 years ago. I was not yet a teenager, not quite.

    The pics you’ve posted are staggering. The “crowds” I saw in 1979 were several hundred people.

    • Kat

      Thanks for hanging in there.

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