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I started this Sunday afternoon; went to finish it on Monday and naturally, something went wrong and I lost everything except the first two photos.  So, I’m trying again! Good afternoon or evening, depending on when you read this.  My Cotton Tree is finally blooming more than one bloom.  You can see the white balls around the leaves, which is cotton.  Pretty cool.


cotton treeIMG_4098


Airport News:  Loosely translated:  “As part of the policy of continuous improvement of state property promoted by the State Administration headed by Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, and thanks to the efforts of the State Tourism Secretariat (SECTURE), in recent days the Airport Administration San Felipe International received [a] donation of a titan 4X4 fire unit from the Mexicali International Airport.”  “From January to June 2017, San Felipe International Airport has received 3 thousand 468 passengers, representing a monthly average of 289 passengers, in a total of 1,604 air operations.”  Now, if we could just get a reliable commercial flight to stop by on their way to San Diego or Los Angeles!  From January to June 2017, San Felipe International Airport has received 3 thousand 468 passengers, representing a monthly average of 289 passengers, in a total of 1,604 air operations.  Photos provided by Linda Garcia.


SECTURE-Donación3 SECTURE-Donación1 SECTURE-Donación

If you’re wondering about the remodeling of our Calimax, they are expanding the freezer and cold food section.  I believe they will also expand the fruit and vegetable section as it’s a little tight getting through the isles.  Behind Cordell and Wornout, there will eventually be more freezer and cold food storage.  They are also stocking more foods, etc. which Americans and Canadians normally buy in the States.


WP_20170727_003 WP_20170727_002 WP_20170727_001 WP_20170727_004


South Beach:  Lynx will add another tower down south if they can get at least 100 new subscribers to sign up.  This is Internet only, I believe, although at the ranch, we do have television and phone.  However, I don’t believe they’ll be offering all of the above.  It’s worked well in the solar section of El Dorado Ranch.  They want you to stop by their offices (which across the highway from La Ventana del Mar and sign up with your name, location, telephone (if you have one), and email address.  Or, you can go on line at www.golynx.net and register on the South Beach section.  Once they have 100 users, they will contact you to pay the fees and evidently, they’ll have the tower up in 30 days.  Once the tower is up, they will install eight to ten homes per day.  Vamos a ver!



It’s been pretty warm down San Felipe way but the heat wave coming to California and other states is going to be very hot.  I worry about more fires, which we do not need.  There was lightening over the Sea of Cortez last night.  It was pretty to look at.  We played water volleyball today at the Cachanilla pool at El Dorado Ranch and my team won all our games!  It really is a lot of fun and you get a little exercise to boot!


volleyball at el dorado ranch


My Barney is for sale again.  I thought I had it sold, but the buyer found another one.  So, if you’re interested, please either leave a comment, write me at bajakat@gmail or call and leave a message at 686-577-2577.  I’m lowering the price, so the best offer over $1,600 gets it.

Barney at the base camp in San Felipe

I also have five kittens to give away.  The mother came into the yard a while back and dumped five kitties.  Mama cat used to be afraid of Skooter, but the dogs don’t seem to mind if they hang out where it’s cool.  I tried to pick up the mother but she bit me, so I aborted that mission.  They are all Calico with blue eyes and they’re cute.  Free to a good home – take one or all!  Same contact info as above.  I have photos of them, but they turned out blurry, so if you’re interested, I’ll send you a photo.  By the way, they eat dog food and I do give them milk when I’m home.  I haven’t seen any mice for quite some time, so that’s good news.

I’ve been doing the holistic thing for the three dogs which is Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide and water, but I decided to get the pills (my dogs won’t take shots) which also covers mange and ticks.  That’s the worst part about the heat.  The dogs dig holes to where the sand is cool and so do the ticks.  There’s already been twelve deaths in Mexicali from tick fever, so I washed all the bedding the same way I bathed the dogs and washed the floors with it too.  It’s a royal pain in the you know what, but it’s necessary.  You can also used Coconut Oil; lemons seeped in hot water (which I bought in the states) and some other home made concoctions, but it seems to be a temporary relief.

Skooter eating One-Eyes food


When I first wrote this, I wished John Chow a happy 74th birthday.  John lives in Ensenada now, after suffering a major heart attack.  At any rate, Happy Birthday Johnny Chow! This photo is from 2013 and I first met John on the Tony Reyes Sports Fishing trip to catch the three year old Totoabas and we were fortunate enough to tour the lab.  Wornout and I went to the lab also while in Ensenada, but they don’t have tours anymore.  Okay, I’m going to save this as a “draft” and see if my luck has changed, but first I’m going to copy it so I don’t have to start from scratch again and again!



It worked!  Yipee.  There’s a movie playing down at the Pavillion tonight.  I just thought of something I was going to tell you and it only took a second for me to forget.  I remembered.  If you want to see some photos take by James Hatton of Pizzamanagement.com of the wild flowers in the high Sierras, take a look.  They are just beautiful!  Click here!  By now, everyone has heard the Rosarito race by Score has been changed to the outskirts of TJ.  A lot of folks are gearing up for the 50th Baja 1000, so who knows what the TJ turnout will be.  Okay, I’ve run out of yapping material, so I’ll close for now.  I am hoping to be back tomorrow but if not, the day after.  Have a nice evening and that’s for reading zee Korner.

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  1. Jim Hatton

    Great to see your posts again!

    Wish I was in San Felipe these days – I’d love to be an owner of a Barney Car – those are awesome, perfect for exploring the desert.

    Keep pounding on that keyboard!


  2. Julie Wilson

    More please Kat!!

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    Great stuff, thanks….

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