7 August 2017 – Monday with Kat’s Korner


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I was doing some watering (not some; a lot) around the back 40 and realized I’ve got dates!  While I was watering in the front, I found two more Date Palms, but the birds got the dates.  You can’t really see it, but beside this tree is another edible fruit tree and I have three of those.  The only downside is if you don’t picked them, they dry up and the shells blow all over the yard.  I don’t remember the name of the tree, but it has balls of a fruit inside and they taste a little bit sweet but crunchy.  I also have Nopales, which you must wear gloves to scrape off the barbs – then either fry them with eggs or put them in a salad.  One other tree I have looks like a Crab Apple tree, and the fruit turns red and they are pretty tasty; almost like a strawberry.



date-palm san felipe

I’ve been working on Wornout’s Chrome and after using my Mac for photos, etc, and it’s been quite challenging.  You can’t put anything on the desktop, which is where I usually put them after I work them in iPhoto.  Oh well, I was only able to retrieve 13 of the 28 photos I took at the Full Moon Mixer at the ranch, but I’ll try again later.  This is a photo of the sunset I took from my front yard.  My Palm Trees are getting huge!


sunset in san felipe

The next two photos were taken from the solar section of El Dorado Ranch atop Wornout’s house.  We do have beautiful sunsets and rises here in San Felipe.  If I could just get up earlier, I might get a sunrise photo but getting up in time for volleyball is a start!




sunsets in El Dorado Ranch


Below are photos of the Bocce Ball first place winners and second place winners, Jean and Gary Burnham.  The first place winners are new to the ranch, so I didn’t get the name.  Bocce Ball was played in the Roman Empire.  This little get together is very nice. Nacho brings the hot dog cart down and everyone brings a side dish or dessert.  A very nice way to watch the full moon rise.




This is my friend of many years, Maria “Lupe” Martinez who is and has been for sixteen years, an architect with Mi Casitas at the ranch.  She was also a student of mine for a bit at UABC in about 2002 or so.  A real sweetheart!




The photo below is the north side of the group – the other side was in the shade, so the photo is too dark.  I had a chance to speak with Vicki and Darryl Silva while I was there and you can see them at the end of the foto (or, going south).

El Dorado's Full moon mixer


Jean, pictured below, with her hubby Gary.  Gary plays water volleyball every day and I’ve know these two for many years.  Cute couple.




Jean came over and got me and asked me to bring my camera to see the families of Quail.  They had all their babies with them.  Wornout cracked a joke about we have more Quail now because they are off the menu (sick).  When I had my lot at Ocotillos, we always had little families of Quail.  Thanks Jean for letting me know they were there.




Quail and Jean and Gary


Our next big holiday is Labor Day weekend and I’m pretty sure we’ll have lots of folks here.  It looks like Nan and Mac are at La Palapa on Saturday night now for Karaoke and there is none on Thursday through the month of August.  Pete’s Camp is planning a Chef’s feast in October.  There are lots of activities in and around San Felipe, including the grand opening of Cow Patty’s.  I’ll write about those events as they become closer. Thanks for your patience; I did start this earlier (like on Sunday evening, but the Netflix binge got me).  Hope to write more in the near future!  Thank you too for reading Kat’s Korner.  Hasta la Pasta!

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  1. Joni & Leo

    Great to hear all the lastest news!! Thanks!

  2. Jackie

    Nice to read your post Kat. Looks like you are keeping busy even in the summer heat. It’s the same for us here in AZ–hot, hot, hot; but we do acclimate…lol

  3. Patti

    Great to have you posting again! Hope to see you at Cowpatty in September.

  4. Patricia Bedoya

    So glad to see you Muster up again. Hope all is right with the world. Stay cool.
    Love you, Patty
    Mick says HI.

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