31 August 2017 – Thursday/Friday


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Flowering Vine

I’ll say good morning because I’m pretty sure I won’t finish this until tomorrow.  We played water volleyball at noon today and went back down for Thursday night water volleyball at El Dorado Ranch.  It’s a blast.  It’s now Friday morning and I knew I wouldn’t finish this last night.  I woke up early today (8:30) so I’ll try and finish before the Volleyball Tournament today.  Okay, back to the photo above.  This a photo of the flowering vine I have in my yard.  I’m not sure what the name of it is, but the long branches wind themselves around any tree next to it and chokes it, thereby killing it.  So, I’m pulling these up and I would suggest you do the same, unless you have a place to plant them away from other trees.  They self propagate, so make sure you get the babies before they get out of hand.  They are so pretty when they bloom, but cause too much damage to other trees or bushes.


yard art


This weekend is the Ceviche Festival, beginning at noon on Saturday and continuing throughout the day and evening.  They’ll have live music on the Malecon and should draw a good crowd (depending on the weather).  The photo above is what we call “yard art” down Mexico way.  The sunset last night was absolutely beautiful and I was in the pool so I didn’t get a photo.  We’re not sure what’s going to happen with Lidia although they are forecasting rain for Saturday and Sunday.  However, this morning, the satellite shows the storm heading out to the Pacific near Guerro Negro. We’ll just have to wait and see but it wouldn’t be the first time the forecast was wrong.  Photos of Calimax by Warren “Wornout” Sundquist.






Our local Calimax has been busy this summer, remodeling their store.  They are stocking more “Americanized” (didn’t know that was a real word) items and they’ve enlarged their pharmacy and moved it.  They also have prepackaged vegetables for stir fry and whatever.  For those of you who don’t know it, they also have an ATM and if you want more than $7,000 Pesos, push on the “other” button and write in what you want.  Some banks have limits on how much per day you can withdraw.  Photos by Warren “Wornout” Sundquist.






I guess I’m going to have to finish this after Volleyball.  I made the mistake of going on Facelessbook and now it’s getting late.  So, I’ll finish up later.  Sunset photos by Kat.


sunset in San Felipe -2

sunset in San Felipe-1

sunset in San Felipe


We came in third at the volleyball tournament and I got a little pin.  It was a lot of fun and we had pizza and after the tournament, they played “set and spike” which I don’t do.  So, I sat and watched for a while and then we came home and we hung up the laundry.  In addition to the Ceviche Festival tomorrow, it is also the celebration of the first year in business at La Vaquita Norte in Playa de Oro.  There is music at La Palapa tonight and tomorrow and also Jollymon.  I believe there is also music at El Padrino’s.  Mac and Nan will have Karaoke at the Palapa tomorrow night (as in Sabado).  We’re all waiting to see what the weather is going to do before making plans.  It feels good to get some exercise and I’m down to 110 pounds!  I’m very happy about that.  This is a photo of “Bandido” taken from utop Rancho Vaca Loca.  It’s a feral cat who comes around for food, milk and water.  Trying to keep cool on a hot day.


Bandido in San Felipe


Don’t forget about Score’s next race, being held in Tijuana.  The 2017 SCORE Tijuana Desert Challenge will be held September 22-24.  If you would like more information, and the course map, click here.  Okay, it’s 6:04 pm already, so I’ll go ahead and post this.  I’m going into town tomorrow, so I’ll let you know about the festival and the weather.  Have a great weekend and be safe!  Hasta pronto.

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  1. Nancy DeMeerleer

    These are great pictures of the new store. It’s so interesting to see how much has changed in the 5 months we are away from San Felipe. We are really looking forward to coming back soon!!!

  2. Elfie and John

    Thanks Kat and Warnout…nice to hear what’s happening in San Felipe, and a reminder why we keep coming back. Take care of yourselves…all is good by us in hot hot (maybe not as hot as Eldorado😉)

  3. Wornout

    Great photos, and yours are not bad either LOL….

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