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15 Responses to “A “Walkabout” with Kat”
  1. Ed Farrell

    I am trying to locate a friend of mine that may or may not still be in San Felipe. His name is Bill Hall and his wifes name is Jan. Can you please tell me how I can try to find them?

  2. bruce

    Kat: jus wanted to say i love your little movies, and your so beautiful… bruce

    • Kat


  3. Christine

    How are the roads, I know they are repairinng in sections since I travel there quite often, and antcipating a move in June 2011. Are they in sections (short) or just horrible??


    • Rita

      about the roads,they are fine,i was in mexicalli last week and no holes,no big rocks.stay home if you can’t drive thru it. Complaining won’t make these hard working men get it done faster. Just being grateful to have the nice highway when it does get done.


    • wmaster1

      Published on SanFelipe.com.mx:
      There have been a lot of complaints about the condition of the Mexicali-San Felipe highway in the construction zones located at km 50-70 south of Mexicali. The State Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos, is doing something about it. The following statement has been released by one of his representatives in San Felipe, Linda Garcia:

      Our State Secretary of Tourism Lic. Juan Tintos Funcke has spoken to the State Secretary of Comunications, Ramon Luke, and he has assure that by this coming friday the highway will be ready for transit.
      The further process of remodelation of the highway will continue after Easter Break.
      It is important that you know that our State Governor has made a great effort for the safety of travelers.
      Please if you will be so kind to pass on the news.

  4. Joe Brennan

    So sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing. My Mom passed in 2010, too. You’re not prepared for how much you’ll miss her.

  5. Brenda Haines

    Hi Kat.
    This is really neat what you are doing. My husband and I are looking to buy a condo down there in San Felipe and we are looking at the Playa Del Paraiso Project right there by the marina. Have you done anything on that project?

    • Kat

      I haven’t done a walk about of Playa Paraiso yet, but I had planned on doing one before I went out of town. I will probably do one when I return to SF. Glad you enjoyed my other walk abouts. Thanks for reading Kat’s Korner and I’ll let you know when the walk about is in the “can” as they say.

  6. jim and carol wilson...verdi nevada

    kat do a walk about through rancho de ortro im sure andres would love the ink..
    maybe he could sell somthing off it …jnc

    • jerry chrlistean

      Jim & Carol Have you heard how our Buddy Ron is doing? Jerry

  7. jim and carol wilson...verdi nevada

    kat—bravo..you walk about is the best yet.we are home in verdi nev but live at rancho de ortro #181.4 san felipe from nov through april. these films are making us home sick for san felipe.keep up you great work.we love it jnc wilson

  8. Bert Manuel

    I really enjoy your walkabout tours,keep it up.I have’nt been to San Felipe for a while .My first trip was in the early 70’s we used to camp over at Lagnua Percibo.Maybe Ill take a trip sometime soon. Thanks for the entertaing series Bert(Oceanside Ca.)

  9. Kat

    Hi Troy – I think you are probably talking about the area we call “Playas de San Felipe” if it is on the north side of the Marina (or harbor) and it reaches across the highway. At least in this section (which is a nice part of town; I have friends who live there) you won’t have internet problems because you’ll have a 577 prefix, rather than 576 in Playa de Oro. PDO is very nice, but if you got a good deal, I would say take it. Just a word to the wise. Make sure you lock up your wave runners ….. if you have any further questions, please write me at bajakat@gmail.com – K


    Can you please tell me your opinion

    I was going to rent a house in Playa De Orl (spelling). But got a deal on a house on the south side of Felipe right by the marina. They say there is a boat ramp for my waverunners. Do you think it is worth a shot? The house is modern and new. Just dont know about the location

    Please advise. Its our 6th trip to Felipe

    Thank you

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