Kat’s Podcast


Featuring: Tony Reyes and Bob Yeazel

Featuring: Bruce Barber Warren Sundquist

Featuring: Dr. Tony Colleraine and Azael Sierra

Featuring: Tavo Garcia Perez

Featuring: Sergio Leon Cuevas and Jorge Espinoza

Featuring: Pat & Doreen Butler from El Dorado Ranch

Featuring: Dan and Audrey Cauffman

Featuring: Victor Rodriguez Ratliff

Featuring: Steven Foreman

Featuring: Ing. Armando Ramos Arevalo and Wayne Cobb

Featuring: Kyle Crawford and Ron Campbell

Featuring: Rick, Ken and Mike from VATOS LOCOS

Featuring: John and Lynne from SUNDANCE DELI

Featuring: Armando Ramos Jr. CEO from GLOCAL-A Architecture

Featuring: Rolando Ortiz Silva from the Estate Tourism Board

Featuring: Steve and Lynda Sullivan from The People’s Gallery

Featuring: Hazael Sierra current Major for San Felipe

Featuring: Dr. David Hiriart Garcia from National Observatory System

Featuring: LOU WELLS – Long time resident in San Felipe

Featuring: JUNE SNOW and Hazael Sierra


Featuring: JULIET VEGA


Featuring: Denny & Sandy Flannagan

Featuring: D’Andre White

Featuring: Dean Moore

Featuring: Donna Roberts

Featuring: Irene Smith

Featuring: Natasha James

Featuring: A Child’s Garden

Featuring: Sal Fish from SCORE International

Featuring: The San Felipe Cancer Society

Featuring: Kat’s Korner Team

Featuring: Tony Reyes Jr.

Featuring: Hazael Sierra head of the Local Government