Kat’s Podcast 20 Featuring: JUNE SNOW and Hazael Sierra

Kat’s Korner Podcast 20

Featuring: June Snow from the Gringo Gazette
and Hazael Sierra from the Local Government

Played 440 times before Feb 5 2011.

Music by: Bob Yeazel
Produced by Luis Almodovar

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Sun. 25 Jan. 2009 Wornout wrote:
Are you going to have an m4a version available?


Mon. 26 Jan. 2009  Vivian Scott wrote:
I really enjoyed both of the speakers on this Podcast (1/21/2009).

June, you are truly an inspiration at 86 years young! Thank you for all you do at the Gringo Gazette.

Mayor Hazael Sierra, thank you for the helpful information about the regulations regarding animals and vehicles on the beaches. Also, thank you for explaining about the military checkpoint and other security measures. We appreciate that you are keeping San Felipe safe and beautiful for us.

Kat, thanks so much for hosting this show and for getting the good word out about San Felipe!

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  1. Kay Salazar Castro

    I Love hearing my aunt give her story! I find it so fascinating! She was a strong, loving woman and I know she will be truly missed.

    • Kat

      She was my hero; an intelligent, funny, talented, strong and I always accused her of having a face lift she looked so damn good at 80! I am so sorry for your family’s loss but I think we were all privileged to have her cross our pass. RIP and thank you for leaving a comment. Condolences to all.

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