Kat’s Korner Podcast 15: Featuring Rolando Ortiz Silva from the Estate Tourism Board


Transmitting from beautiful Down Town in San Felipe!

Kat and Rolando

Kat’s Podcast 15th. Featuring Rolando Ortiz Silva Local Representative for the State Tourism Department

Podcast Production and Concept by:
Luis Almodovar

Katherine Hammontre / IISFAC All Rights Reserved 2008

Visit the State Tourism Website here>>

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Thu. 19 Mar 2009  Vivian Scott wrote:

There is an excellent idea in this podcast, which is that the local hotels and restaurants should work together (rather than individually) to promote San Felipe. I hope some progress has been made with regard to this idea. By banding together, the group will have more impact and greater reach. Everyone would benefit from the higher tourist volume–more hotel rooms rented, more meals purchased, more goods sold in local stores, etc. I agree with Kat, too, that some of the tourists will eventually buy property in San Felipe. That is good for tax revenue, and generates an ongoing demand for goods and services. I really hope the tourism office pursues the idea of a united promotional effort. Here in Las Vegas we have a similar concept–the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority–and it is very effective. This is the group that developed the now famous “What Happens in Vegas” campaign. Thank you–Rolando, Kat, and Luis–for an informative and insightful podcast!

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