Kat’s Korner Podcast 16. Featuring: Steve and Lynda Sullivan from The People’s Gallery

Kat and Steve and Lynda

Played 478 times before Feb 5 2011.

Transmitting from Beautiful Down Town in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.
Music by Bob Yeazel.
Produced by Luis Almodovar.

All rights reserved 2008 Katherine Hammontre / IISFAC / Luis Almodovar

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Mon. 06 Oct. 2008  Linda & Lisbeth wrote:
What a great idea, Kat! Good way to find out about the folks in San Felipe. We had wondered about the beginnings of the People’s Gallery. So, this gives us historical perspective. People’s Gallery almost acts as a “Bellas Artes” for San Felipe. It’s wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to chronicle all of this Luis and Kat!

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